Have you ever loved a blush so much that... RIP Bourjois Paris Blush Rose D'Or

For the last couple of years I think I have been raving about this blush endlessly. I have reviewed the Bourjois Paris Blush in Rose D'Or here. I have featured it as my on the go blusher numerous times and even figured out how to make it work when it starts hardening. Well, some time ago, I discovered, there were chequered patterns showing up and then I realized what happened. I had hit PAN! And not only that! I had actually completely used it up!!

Would you believe I actually used up a blush and that too a baked blush! I am delighted like anything.
But at the same time a little sad because I had so loved the blush ( of course)

( The color is actually the hot pink which you saw in the review post. The light and my camera played a trick and turned it into something orangish this time)

Never the less, I am not repurchasing. I have these to use up now and there has been more addition to my stash!
Bourjois Paris Blush Rose D'Or

I think this is the first blush I have completely used up in three years of my bloggging journey and about 4th blush in my life time. Yes.

How many blushes have you used up so far?