L'Oreal Nail Polish 303 Lush Tangerine: NOTD

Long time back, I had created a look with L'Oreal products. Eventually, I forgot to review them. But, I suddenly realized, all summer, the nail polish had been my favorite! Yes, I am not wearing any nail polish at the moment. But in summer, I so loved this hot bright tangerine shade!

My experience: Yes, I would make bones about this one particular nail polish. My initial reaction was 225 INR for 5ml!!! When I opened the bottle I found, there was a dense and good quality brush inside
which , unless your nail bed is wide, applies in a single coat! And that too, smoothly! Two coats would give you bright opaque finish, but I can never have enough. So, I went for a third and let everyting dry between the coats.

To my and my sister's surprise, the polish stayed put for  days without chipping!!!When my sister met me on the weekend she asked if I wore the nail polish on the day before!! I was simple flattered!

What I liked:
I am loving the dense thick brush. ( Why don't the other brands learn something?)
The opaque finish.
The beautiful shiny and smooth texture.
Dries pretty quickly as I feel.
There are plenty of shades available.
the price won't really hurt me since even 5 ml would last me a long time.

None. Really none.

Verdict: But this polish as soon as you can. As for myself, I surely see myself picking more of these.

PR sample. Honest review.