My Beauty Resolutions of 2014

I myself do not like posts without photos.Anyway, since I was feeling too lazy to shoot, I decided to go ahead anyway. I do not really want to make absurd resolutions and well, every year, I turn up not keeping them all. So, here goes some of my this years's resolutions 

Never buy a Colored pencil liner again: I have had enough of them. When Lakme brought out their Glide on eye colors, I got most of them as gifts with purchase. When Maybelline brought out their Vivid and Smooth pencils, I bought almost all, I also own some miscellaneous brands. But everytime I wear them, I realize, black looks the best and I love doing full on eyeshadows. Maximum, if I am ina  hurry, I would out on a wash of color and line my eyes with a black liner.
Eventually, these prove to be just obsession and not much of use.
 Exercise: Ok. I am not that much of a lazy bone either. I do walk a lot. But since last few months, I have always been in a hurry and had not been walking much. Plus since Durga Pujo, my diet has gone berserk!
I honestly do not get time Plus, my room is crammed with furniture with barely any space to move about. You do not really want to work out with the whole of your family around.
But I have been a good girl. I have started exercising since yesterday. Nothing fancy. Just free hand stuff and my tummy and sides are aching. Good for me!

No more purchasing eyeshadows: I cannot guarantee that there wouldn't be another lipstick in my stash, but by now, I have accumulated plenty of shadows to last me and my grandchildren's lifetime. So, no more of those no matter how nice Naked 3 looks like! ( *Sigh*)

I shall stay away from cake: Seriously? I love cake. I love having tea and cake. But yes, I shall avoid it as much as I can.

So, here goes my humble list. What about yours? Any New Year's resolution?