Notable products of 2013: Skin care

I am not doing products of the year this time because, my skin care routine keeps changing with the season. But I would like to mention a few products, not in any order of category which I liked.
Face Products:
I liked Kiya Bath and Body Works Neem Cleansing Bar: I am using it as a facial cleanser as well and so far, the results are quite satisfactory. It lathers well, cleanses well and it did drastically take away the rashes I had in summer. Apart from that, I liked Lakme Clean Up Facewashes which lather well and cleanses well and makes me feel quite fresh.

I am tired of Himalaya Neem Purifying Facewash and I had decided to give it a break at last. Besides, the new formula feels runny and less effective.

Among the skin creams, I loved the Olay Duo Serum, Olay Whitening or Fairness ( I don’t clearly remember the name ) face cream, Olay Cream  my favorite Elovera Cream, The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream and I am currently loving Nivea Soft.
I have been using plenty of face masks and I like them all. Yes, honestly, I use them depending on how my skin feels in the particular time. (Hydrating ones on tired skin days, mud ones on break out days etc.) I am due on reviewing plenty of them.
I haven’t been using any special night creams. I would just put on any lotion or just Elovera cream for night time. I know, ideally, I should start using a night cream again. (Lazy bone).
I have been loving Lakme Clean up scrubs and apart from them Vedicline + Avocado Facial Scrub has been doing a great job. My skin clean up routine does a wonderful job for me.
I had used Biotique Bio Berberry Cleanser for most of the time and I am planning to repurchase that one. The body Shop Vitamin ECream cleanser had been saving my lashes.

Vedicline Undereye cream and gel impressed me. I guess, for the huge quantity, I would be featuring them in next year as well! LOL!
For sunscreen, Lotus Herbals sunscreen spray SPF 50 had been particularly impressive. The other products in this category would be featured in the makeup favorites of 2013.
I know the products are not as fancy as you might have expected. But well, for the most part, this is it. So, wait up for the other post. In the meanwhile, why don’t you make a list of a few of your favorites?