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Blast from the Past: Streetwear Colorrich Lip gloss in Smooch

Streetwear is a brand all of us are familiar with. There would be hardly an Indian woman who has not used either Tips n Toes, Elle18 or Streetwear. I had< been a part of the bandwagon too. And I had purchased this one from Streetwear. I used to own two more which I have completely used up ages ago.
I had been through a phase of dark eyes and nude beige lips that did not wash me out, but had a kind of Bombshell effect what you might call.
Streetwear Colorrich Lip gloss in Smooch

I loved this shade particularly because it was that perfect beige brown for me which did not wash me out and yet gave me such a beautiful pouty look.

Yes, the shade was shimmery, but the shimmer wasn't obvious. It was rather a pearlish finish. I wore it on its own, on top of other lipsticks or lip liner and so on and I did wear it often. You can already see how the level had gone down.
Streetwear Colorrich Lip gloss in Smooch

It did have a kind of cosmetic smell which kind of grew into me and I started liking it eventually.
Above all, it kept my lips very well moisturized. It would even get rid of dry flakes when I removed it.

Streetwear Colorrich Lip gloss in Smooch

But, the greatest problem with these glosses were the applicator wand. The sponge tip wasn't of good quality and would eventually wear off which was a bummer! In fact, I used to hate doe foot applicators back then solely because of that.
Above all, writing this review, I think I am going to purchase one of these again. I so wish to do that right now!


  1. i had this lip gloss and kinda liked it.. nice review dear!

  2. Never tried...actually speaking I've been always more of a lippy person than a gloss one... but its a subtle shade for sure!

  3. Nice shade! great review!

  4. I have used this one for a long time... d light brown color... damn good!

  5. I have a pinkish shade of StreetWear, and the feel of the gloss is really nice :-)


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