January Empties of 2014 and what I am throwing away.

I had promised to be regular about the Empties Posts. But, I have been traveling in December and well, I am not looney enough to carry back empty bottles in flight to make a post. However, In January, not every thing I am throwing away is empty. I am also throwing away the products I find useless and products which I feel should be no longer used.Anyway, here is the stash.

Tresemme Climate protection Shampoo: I am not overall too impressed with Tresemme. Wait up to find out why.
Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Wash: I use this as an intimate wash and I think this is one of the best products unless you have anything prescribed.

Boroplus Healthy winter something: I bought this cream by mistake. I thought it was a big tube of the regular Boroplus Antiseptic Cream and came home with this instead. However, I had used it some time and it feels very soothing on the skin. OIly skinned beauties might try this out.

Biotique Bio Cumumber Toner: It does contain alcohol, but I love it using especially on hot days when nothing would keep the skin getting oily in a minute. Because of the alcohol content, I don;t use it regularly. But I am happy with it.

Freeman Shea Olive Body Butter: Nah. I do not like this body lotion at all! It might be a good one for summer, but I found nothing extraordinary in it apart from very tall claims.

Himalaya Sunscreen: Himalaya makes good skin care products, but they definitely need to work on the sunscreens.

Colorbar Glosses: I had bought these a long time ago. I used to love the brick red, but I was so fond of it that I tried preserving it till eternity until I realized, it is giving out a funky smell. Not funny.

VLCC Sunscreen in SPF 30: I had received a bunch of these as GWP. I must say, this is one of the worst products.It comes out in a kind of rubbery texture and I had sifficult time applyting it on moisturized skin. it went over patchy.
Next time,I tried using it on clean skin, it did blend better, but it started balling up and forming tiny flakes and made me look as if I had tons of flakes on my skin. I had to immediately wash it off again. Nah, in short, it just doesn't deserve my time!

Jordana Lip Liner is Rock n Rose: Oh! How I loved this lip liner! I wore it underneath beige glosses and had that perfect polished look. it worked for almost every nude lip color I had. BUT, I am not repurchasing it. i have used it for a long time and I would find a new best friend.

Chambor Mini Lipstick: This is fun and cute and the color compliments me like anything!  I wore it mostly to work . But I am not impressed by it's staying power. Creamy lipsticks are my poison. not the matte ones. I like lipsticks moisturizing my lips.

Bourjois Blush in Rose D'Or: I need not gush about this blush. RIP.

Nature's Brilliance by Sue: I have a few samples from this store and I think, they make the perfect browns. This brown has metallic bluish shimmers in it and it looks absolutely gorgeous on the eyes!