Kiehl's Bloggers' meet up at Kolkata: A place to relax and shop.

Yesterday, we had a bloggers’ meet up at Kiehl’s India at Quest Mall. I can’t just tell you how much of fun it was. The best part, I had been ill for a week now and it was only yesterday that I got well enough to attend the event. I met the other lovely bloggers Shikha, Poorna, Sharmishtha, Shayoni and no other than Bidisha. Dolon was the host and without her, I don’t think this would have been made possible.

On reaching the store, first we had an introduction. We walked around the store checking out products.
And yes, there were such nice cup cakes and mini springrolls and I could not keep my eyes off them. 
I love my cup cakes!
LOL. After some food and some refreshing chamomile tea, we started getting our skin analyzed. The best part, we all started posing, cracking jokes and well, I never knew that I sometimes get giggly too.
Sharmishtha getting started on the skin analysis

The skin analysis was good. It was pretty satisfactory. The Analyst actually complimented my skin and asked what I did. She was horrified on learning how I cleanse. But that doesn’t matter. My policy is ‘whatever works for me is good for me’.
Bidisha on the right: She is the sweetest person I have known ( apart from myself that is LOL )

LtoR: Dolon , Poorna, Shikha
 It was such a relaxed ambience where you can have a friendly conversation and discuss everything under the sun relating to your skin. 

The way they dealt with every one showed how professional they were and so efficient. They did not push one to purchase, but gave information and proper suggestion which is really impressive. I detest it when people tend to get pushy and start sounding phoney.

Shireen  suggested me a CTM with some Kiehl’s products and since they have this policy of try before buy, she also gave me tiny samples of the customized solutions. 
Want to go to this doctor?

I am planning to buy the moisturizer from the range.

And the goodie bag

After some more time, we all posed for the photos again and for the first time I realized, even though I have not known my blogger friends for a long time, I actually enjoy being with them.

It was a very lovely evening. Stay tuned on more posts pertaining to the event.