My more beauty resolutions of 2014: 11 resolutions I would like to stick to.

Going through my makeup stash, as I am always trying to perfect my skin and what not! ( No pun intended), I thought I should actually come up with some more beauty related resolutions. 2014 should be virtually my ‘Empty the stash’ year. It would mean, less of buying ( minimal) and more of blog posts and using up of the products.
Anyway, here is the temporary list

  1.      I would never skip a sunscreen: Yes, I am guilty. I used to be very meticulous with my sunscreens until I got lazy. I have started using sunscreens again and I am already noticing a difference.
  2.     I would use more face packs: My stash is also stuffed with face packs and I have not been very regular with them for some time. Consistent use does show effect on my skin.
  3.    No more buying of base makeup: I realized, my stash is actually sick! It contains a huge number of foundations in almost every shade close to my skin tone. I also possess some BB and CC Creams which turned out lighter and some foundation which are way darker than my actual skin tone. Now, I can always mix them with moisturizer and have my own tinted lotions. I would use up all the foundations except for the Bourjois Healthy mix which I repurchased some time back.
  4.     I would use up even the last bit of the foundations. The top in my list are The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid foundation, The Body Shop Extra Virgin mineral Compact, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, etc.
  5.    This year, I would invest in some good facial powders. I have been a miser all along. My list had Kryolan Loose Powder, L’Oreal True Match powder/Maybelline Dream whatever.
  6.     I would use up my bottles of moisturizers even if I have to use them as body lotions. Yes, I was obsessed with moisturizing and I hoarded a stash.
  7.     I would also use up the anti tan face washes from VLCC and the anti acne face wash. I have to! It has been about 2 years they are resting in a dark corner of my stash.
  8.     I would use up at least 2 lipsticks before July.
  9.     I would use up at least one colored pencil liner before July. (I think the above two might be easier once I figure out the on the go liner and the matching lipstick with it).
  10.     Last but not the least, I have received a bit of samples of various mineral powders and I mixed them such that the mixture is now a perfect skintone for me. For the very reason, I put it away for occasional use and when that ‘occasion’ comes, I tend to use something else instead. How dud is that?
This is all. Every time you see my hauling or buying something, do remind me of my resolution
Do you have additional resolutions as well?