Avon Anew Clinical Line Corrector AF33: My mum seems to like it...

I had come across the Avon Anew Clinical Line Corrector AF33 quite some time ago. I was in a fix about how to go about it. First, it's a retinol cream and I do not know why I would suddenly want to use it. Plus, it is meant for mature women. Even at 27, I feel my skin ( thankfully) doesn't need that. Third, it is meant for I think 30+ women.

Seeing all these, I did not want to use it. But both of my parents use prescription retinol creams, I suggested my mum to give this a try. On her next visit to the doctor, she showed him the cream. He wasn't able to identify all the ingredients. But what he could say was that, the cream has some
sunscreen properties as well.
Ever since, she has been using the cream. It has been almost one and a half months that she is using the cream and I think, after the long introduction, I now better get to the point. :D
Her experience: The cream is very lotiony in texture and spreads and absorbs easily. The pump dispenser is very useful and the silver casing gives a luxury feel to it. ( Mummy, a product worth 1770INR ought to give you that feel! )
By the way, she has melasma.

After this prolonged use, her skin looks smooth and healthier. But because she has melasma, the results are comparatively less visible.
She does not have wrinkles. ( Oh, blessed are the oily skinned beauties), but her eyes get puffy because of all the medicines she has to take. The cream neither claims to nor affects the puffiness either.
It did not do anything to her melasma.

But it gives an overall good health to her skin.


Price ( of course!)
Doesn't do anything extra ordinary.

Oh, by the way, I am wearing Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish 303 in Shocking Seas

PR sample.