My Makeup love for March: Favorites of March

I know I am always complaining of my laziness. Today, realization dawned upon me as I suddenly realized, of my present makeup stash, which I use everyday,I have not reviewed 90%! Yes, it's true. So, in this post, what I am going to do is, show you my current favorite, give my current thoughts on products I had reviewed before ( long time of togetherness some times, do alter my opinion of both people and products. :D ) and then, slowly come up with reviews of the products I had not reviewed or featured before.
Makeup favorites of March
March Favorites

So, here we go with my makeup favorites of March '14.

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid foundation+ The Body Shop  Oil-Free Foundation: I found this combo works amazing! One is oil free and dry and a shade lighter than my skin and the other, moisturizing and a tone darker than my skin and yes, has tinges of both orange and yellow.

Together, the texture feels amazing and the makeup just vanishes on my face. ( I set it with Lakme Rose Powder).

My March Makeup favorites 2014
I love this kind of posts. Do you?

I am going gaga over blushes and highlighters; this year, expect to see a lot of them featured over here.
Monave Highlighter: wait for the review. In the mean time, buy one for yourself. ( Review soon.)

Incolor Blush: I had longed for this for ages and it's worth the wait. (At least for me)Review soon.

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold: My my!! I can't just express my love for this one!!I need to personally thank Pooja from Indian Beauty Central for making me buy this one. Yes, she was the one who almost lured me into buying it. My cheeks would have that subtle hint of color, and yet, would have the right amount of sheen and healthy and glamorous glow. Every time

I wear this blush, I can't help admiring myself!

L'Oreal Kajal Magique: I wasn't jumping when I had reviewed it. But, once I started using it everyday, I am now in love with this kajal! No, it still won't give you the best color in one swipe, but layering on my oily lids, give intense color pay off with no grey/brown ( which I detest) and that intense eyes stay put throughout the day. I AM impressed now!

Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil: I prefer powder brow fillers. More so, because, my eye brows are really sparse. So, they need some care. You may say, in order to get eyebrows, I have to create eyebrows. :D but you can't carry the powder and brush around. I find the comb-ish bristles handy, and the pencil good for my purpose. Used carefully and light-handed, it works really well. ( review soon).

Maybelline Hyperglossy eyeliner: I could officially declare it the product of the year if Kryolan Dermacolor was not there to contend. I love the brush, the price, the quantity, the acrylic texture, the dark glossy finish,the fact that it can be removed so easily in short, I am head over heels.

There are plenty of Lip products I have been using and liking and, yes, as usual, I forgot to shoot them. Duh!
March Favorites

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick. I forgot which number. but it's a very pretty mauvish pink. *love*

Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick in Peche Volupteuse: It's the perfect color for summer!

VOV Lipgloss: Love!!! I strongly suspect if this is VOV's answer to NYX Butter Glosses.

So, watch out this space. There are interesting products coming up.