My Top 5 Blushes of the Moment and Swatches and quick reviews: Maybelline, Sleek, Incolor and more

Recently, it occurred to me that I am so into blushes. In fact, I never forgo my blush/bronzer whenever I am going out. Rather than going into the products I love the most ( including eye candies), I made al ist of the blushes I reach out for the most. They are both from warm and pink families.
By the way, after shooting the photos, while resizing, I realized that I had shot the photos from a very weird angle. No matter which way I turn them, they look upside down. That's funny!
Here we go
Top 5 Blushes for NC 42
Top  Blushes: Sleek,Faces, Incolor,MUA, Maybelline

1 Faces Blush in Rose Gold: I wonder why Faces have withdrawn this line or what wisdom made them do so, but when I am in doubt, I know I never go wrong with this one.

2 Sleek Rose Gold: Orange-pinkish-coralish and sheeny... what's not to love about this blush? I love the finely milled golden shimmers which add such a healthy and gorgeous glow to my skin! Every time I open it, I fall in love again. 8 grams is going to last me a life time.
Sleek Rose Gold, Faces Rose Gold, MUA blush, Incolor Blush, Maybelline Fit Me Blush
Top  Blushes: Sleek,Faces, Incolor,MUA, Maybelline

3 Incolor Blush: After the natural demise of my all time favorite Bourjois Paris Baked Blush in Rose D'Or, this blush has taken over it's place. Stay tuned for the review.

4 Maybelline Blush in Apricot Crush: A Melba kind of color with slight shimmer for the bronzy summery neutral look. I can't really help featuring it. Though I am happy that Maybelline has come up with the Cheeky Glow Blushes, I nevertheless miss these blushes as well. ( I had actually used up 2 of these before I started blogging). I wish these were continued alongside the Cheeky Glow Blushes.

5 MUA Blush: ( No 04 ): I love this color! It's the perfect color for everyday use. The only problem is that, it's extremely pigmented and powdery. Unless you are quite adept at applying blushes, you need to be really careful. foe 1 GBP why not stack up on more?

That's all my friends. But, before I leave, here are the swatches
Swatches of 5 blushes for  medium dark complextion
Top  Blushes: Sleek,Faces, Incolor,MUA, Maybelline

Which color did you love the most?

P.S. If you enjoy this kind of posts, let me know. I plan to keep them coming.