Avon Skin Goodness CC Color Corrector Cream SPF/PA+++ in Nude

Avon Skin Goodness CC Color Corrector Cream SPF/PA+++ review.

Long time ago, I had received a few goodies from Avon. I don't exactly remember when I had received it, but let me share the link here. When I received the Avon CC Cream, I was pretty thrilled because, I had just started on my dope of BB and CC Creams.

Avon CC Cream
Avon Skin Goodness CC Color Corrector Cream SPF/PA+++
My first impressions of this Avon Color Corrector Cream was that it was too light. Then, I got excited on noting the high and full SPF. Then I realized it wasn't too heavy on the skin and easily blendeable. So, it was perfect for summer when my skin turns extremely oily. It had decent tint which
I thought would adjust to my skin tone. My conviction was even stronger because I saw that the cream came in two colors and that it was the darker of the two.
Avon Skin Goodness CC Color Corrector Cream SPF/PA+++
Avon CC Cream
 But, my experience was not completely quite like it even though it wasn't too bad either. In fact, that I use it very frequent actually says more than what I can fit in a thousand words. How?

Let me begin with the downsides: The CC Cream is too light for my skin tone. period. Since it is not very moisturizing, I was in hot soup when I travelled to Rishyap where it was cold and my skin turned dry and this failed to be that one product which could cover, protect and moisturize in one go because it did not moisturize enough.

Having said that, it provides complete sun protection. Since it does impart good color, I mix it with my dark BB Creams from Isadora Cosmetics and get my perfect shade match ( I had done a post here). Since both Isadora Cosmetics BB Cream and Avon CC Cream is not too rich, the mixture works good on me. Since the color is medium pigmented, the mixture gives me enough coverage to even out the complexion without making it look 'made up'. I can just dab a little bit of concealer underneath my eyes and be good to go. The moisturization is good enough for my oily skin in summer and once I set everything with my The Body Shop Loose Powder, things remain place.

At the end of the day, when I come back home, most of the product starts fading and it gets slightly patchy, although that's not much apparent. Mind, my end of the day is pretty tough. I would go out in the heat and even on hot summers, I work in non-AC Condition. So, my skin gets a  fair share of heat and sun and sweat.
Avon CC Color Corrector Cream SPF/PA+++ Nude
Avon Skin Goodness CC Color Corrector Cream SPF/PA+++ Nude

Is it cost effective? The tube of 30 ml costs something around Rs 500 I think. Since I have been mixing it with the other BB Cream, it lasted me about a year. (I took time to break it in).

Shall I repurchase? Honestly I do not know. Had it been cheap, I would have said "yes" without a bat of an eyelid. But, for the price and everything, I don't think so.
If I found my perfect match, I would have. Until Avon comes out with a shade match for me, I would not want to repurchase.

Who should try it? If you have oily skin ( you have to set it with powder in any case), if you are looking for complete sun protection, and if this matches your skin tone.

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