J Lo's Delicate Rose from L'Oréal Paris Star Pink Collection La Vie en Rose: review and FOTD

L'Oréal  Paris Star Pink Collection JLo's Delicate Rose Review, FOTD.

I was thrilled to see this Star Pink Collection from L'Oréal  Paris  in store. I was even more delighted when I noticed two colors I coveted  were sent to me and yes, on of those happen to be JLo's Delicate Rose. I had already shown a collage with FOTDs with all the colors. Here are more photos with JLo's Pink.

J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris
J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris
My Experience of L'Oréal  Paris Star Pink Collection JLo's Pink:
The color is in the pink family, but it is a violet with blue undertones. In the mix of red and blue; it
tills towards the red while the blue is still retained. The color looks head-turning! I kid you not, when I wore it, I received nothing but compliments!

J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris
J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris

Texture-wise, it is beautiful! I love the Moist Matte Range from L'Oréal  Paris  because they are pigmented, lightweight and so comfortable on the lips!

J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris FOTD
J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris
 If you stand too close to the mirror, you might feel the product is not getting deposited and that you can see your lips through. Take a step back, you would find intense color on your lips! I think it might be a French thing because I have experienced something like this with Bourjois Blush before.

You cannot layer on the product, so, there's no point in the extra effort. So, one swipe and the next for the better finish and you are good to go.

On me, it lasts good 6 to 7 hours straight and it fades if I eat between. But, it fades evenly and leaves a tint which I prefer.
J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris Swatch
J Lo's Delicate Rose L'Oréal  Paris Swatch

The packaging is beautiful! The casing feels heavy and high-end and the cap closes with a sharp clicking noise. The golden embossing shines beautifully and the entire thing gives a wonderful feel.

Another thing, I could not help noticing is that, the packing said the product weight is 7 grams. Normally lipsticks weight 4 grams. I am not sure if the weight is inclusive of the weight of the case.

Price: Rupees 995 a piece.

Overall: I love the lipstick. They are matte, moist, long-staying, beautiful colors. The finish does more justice to the color. The packing and everything makes the lipstick worth every penny.

I hear the colors are dupable. I cannot comment on that as I cannot recall a dupe of this one. Besides, as I said, the texture does something more to the color.

Do I recommend? I suggest to try out at least one Moist Matte Lipstick from L'Oréal  Paris .

Shall I repurchase? I want one Eva's pink which seemed very elegant as well.

Product by the brand. Honest review.