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7 Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches

Elle18 Colour Boost Lipsticks  swatches| Coral Nude 05, Superlicious Red 10, Blonde Pink 06, Hollywood Pink 07, Red Passion 08, Hyper Orange 09, Miss Pink 01

I am tired of all those brown and sombre lip trends around. Even though I am still looking at matte lipsticks, my lipstick lust would not be satiated with only one texture only. I need variety to keep me going. Elle18 always brings me memories... in school, I would buy these which would go easy on the pocket. Back then these cost around Rs 40 I think.

Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks
Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches

It has gone through packaging and facial changes. What I cannot help commending is its dynamism. Elle18 silently keeps things exciting. To break that monotony, they had launched a perfect summer
appropriate palette of colors which would brighten up any summer day! There are 10 shades in this line of which I am going to swatch 7. Let me know about your picks.

Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches all shades
Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches

The opacity varies on the shade, but they are quite pigmented and moisturizing enough.

Coral Nude 05: Aptly named, a light, coral color for everyday wear.

Superlicious Red 10: A muted red, but does not look that muted on the lips. I think I have used a similar color from Elle18 and yes, I used it up completely.\

Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches
Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches

 Blonde Pink 06: Light pink which should work better on lighter skintones.

 Hollywood Pink 07: A classic pink. Slightly warmish.

 Red Passion 08: A full on warm red!

Hyper Orange 09: The name says it all.

Miss Pink 01: A cool toned, slightly milky pink. If you can pull it off, nothing can beat it!

Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches
Elle18 Colour Boost Lispticks Swatches

All the lispticks are decently pigmented, they impart good amount of colour and stays put for sometime. I haven't tested them enough yet. Shall keep you posted soon.


  1. These lipsticks are way pigmented than previous ones. I have it in Hollywood Pink and Red Passion :)

    1. You are so right! One swipe covers my pigmented lips and they are so comfortable as well!

      OOh! Even I have been admiring those two!

  2. These nice really nice for the price. I am planning to pick up a few shades.

  3. Aww my teen-love on the Elle 18 lippies never ceases Niv! All these are such beautiful shades :-) I particularly love 07, 08 & 10 .... such summer shades all of them... Thanks to you, now I know what to hunt for on my next shopping trip..!!!


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