Shop My Stash April-May: Milani, Inglot, Maybelline, Oriflame,etc.

Shop my makeup stash April-May

If you have noticed, I am badly trying to utilize all of my makeup and skincare products. While, I still cannot be that good girl and be on a strict shopping ban ( a girl's gotta do what's a girl's gotta do, right?), I still want to reach for products I tried so hard to acquire and then completely forgot to use. So, I think, a Shop My Stash wouldn't be a bad idea after all.
 The photos are not up to the mark. But, I wanted to post in any case.

shop my stash April May
Shop My Stash

What is Shop My Stash?

No, you wouldn't go shopping my old or used products. But, I would revisit my existing products as
if, I am shopping from my own stash.
While my project pan is still on, check out my Instagram Page @niveditanb, I am going to use these products I lovingly bought. What's on my list?
Maybelline the Nudes palette
Maybelline the Nudes Palette

Maybelline the Nudes Palette. ( Haul post here) I bought it right when it was launched and then, I completely forgot. I need to break in and review the palette as well.
Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks
Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks

Inglot Freedom System Round Lipsticks: I like these lipsticks but, I don't enjoy lipsticks in palettes because they get so messy and I don't like anything which is messy.

Shop my stash blushers
The Blushers

Inglot Blushers: ( Those eye shadows are not included. Ignore the poor quality photos). These two colors have problems of their own. Shall review later.

Maybelline Blusher in Peachy Sweetie: This one blush works almost with everything, yet, it is one of my most neglected products.

Milani Blusher in Rose D'oro :
I love this blush, but I always forget. I actually forgot that I had it in my collection. Who does that?!
Shop My Stash Foundation
Foundation and Base

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation:
While I like the foundation, it is too dark for my skin. I mix it with other colors to adjust to my tone and that's a lot of work for a lazy bum like me!

Oriflame the ONE Foundation:
I have already used up about 2/3rd of the bottle. Since it has SPF, it could be the perfect one to revisit.

Oriflame the ONE concealer: These creamy concealers are great for highlighting the undereye area. I don't know how I forgot all about these.

Monave Highlighter: I think this is one of the best highlighters ever!

So, this is more or less what I have in my list. I am going to try using these more while, in the meantime, I still keep working on my project pan.

What do you think?You can join this one. Shall update how soon. In the meantime, start making your list as well.