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Unboxing My Envy Box of March 2016: Book this one right now!

My Envy Box India Review, samples and discount coupons 'CHITCHAT' for flat 10% .

Just when I thought I would not recommend My Envy Box anymore, the brand, seems to have thrown my words at me! No, they are not mean. I mean, they have come out with a fabulous Box of March with the theme of Holi.
 My Envy Box of March 2016
Unboxing My Envy Box of March 2016
 While reviewing these boxes, you cannot help noticing the care the brand puts in the graphics of the box.The March box shows the minute attention the brand paid, from design to the samples. And why am I ranting? Look at the box and the samples!

Unboxing My Envy Box of March 2016
Unboxing My Envy Box of March 2016
The Rs 850/- Box contains all these products! Even if I did not count the smaller samples, the
Hedonista Solid Perfume and the BBlunt Anti-Frizz Leave in Cream make it Rs 1500 ( approx). Not to calculate the fractional price of the smaller samples!
My Envy Box coupon
Jewellery Box Coupon
You must book yours right now! If you want, you can use the code 'CHITCHAT' for a flat 10% off on the box. It is, I hear an affiliate code, but, honestly, I have never received any payment or anything, and I do not care much either as long as it does get you discount.

And this is why I have been insisting that you subscribe.

Samples of My Envy Box of March 2016:

Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar ( 20 gm Rs 1045, Full size) These days, whenever I feel low, I use fragrant products to lift my mood. The main ingredients in the ittar, apart from perfume oils are coconut oil, avocado oil, beeswax, olive oil. So, in case you want to make your perfume stay longer, also rub a tiny amount into your hair.

BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz leave-in Cream ( 150 grams and full size Rs 445/-):  This is also a full size product! BBlunt has been creating a ripple in the beauty market in India and I have been very curious. I got hold of their dry shampoo ( Review soon) and the Anti-Frizz Climate Control Leave-in Cream couldn't have been a better choice .

Ava Moisturizer SPF 30 ( 30 ml sample):
Much as I need moisturizers, I also need some sun protection. I am looking forward to trying this out.

Vita-age In Intervento Scrub Viso Bottega di Lungavita ( 5ml samples): I have used this sample before and I love it. It's packed with mild granules which are also effective.

Bioderma Phytoderm SPOT 50+( 5ml): In summer, this is exactly what I need!

 My Envy Box of March 2016
Samples of  My Envy Box of March 2016

Overall, I think My Envy Box of March 2016 is worth every penny. I am in love!

What about you?

Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. This month's Envy box is so good :)

  2. I skipped this month;s box as I already have a full sized product of BBlunt Anti-frizz leave in cream and Hedonista Fleur Ittar.

    1. I have been planning to buy the anti-frizz leave in cream for a long time, but my laziness took over. It seems to have come my way.
      Where did you source the Hedonista Ittar from? :O I want more!

  3. I already have the Bblunt frizz cream so I skipped this..maybe next month..

    1. That's wise because that wouldn't make sense and be un-beauty bloggerish as well. :P

  4. The design on the box looks very nice. Good mix of products.


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