Project Pan April 2016 Update and why you should do it too.

Project pan update MUA Heaven and Earth, Undress Me Too, Illamasqua Vernau

In my mission of decluttering, utilizing , I decided not only doing empties, I
am trying the monstrous task of making most of my makeup as well. Last month, I showed you my two palettes from Makeup Academy and Illamasqua Vernau. One month down the line, I wanted to quickly update you on the progress.
Before I start, last one month wasn't very exciting for me. The heat turned up and my eyes are getting sensitive. So, I HAD TO stay away from most of the makeup. I have been breaking my Clinique Eyeshadows instead.

However, I have still used these two palettes. Definitely I haven't used up the colors I have been using, but the pan has got larger if you notice.

MUA Undress Me Too.
MUA Undress Me Too
MUA Undress Me Too
I have been using the shade Naked , the beige one, as a brow bone highlighter. Lavish works well as a crease color.I have also hit a dent on Devotion and that's a
considerable dent which I could show you in person better.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette:
Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth

All the three pans have grown a lot larger and if I am reaching out again, I think, I would be able to completely scrape these off.
Illamasqua Vernau
Illamasqua Vernau
Illamasqua Vernau: I have been using it more than the MUA palettes. But, the
product is like P.C. Sorkar's Water of India. No matter how much I use, it just
doesn't exhaust! The tiny pan has perhaps grown by a fraction of a millimeter, but that's not enough.

Why you should do it?

I told a friend of mine that I have hit pan on two. She just laughed and made fun
saying that there are 24 shades in that palette and so, it's just funny that I should
be happy that I have hit pan on five colors only.

The thing is, I am still happy. Because, even if I hit pan on five out of 24, it's
better to have not hit pan at all. It's still progress and it's still utilization of my
hard-earned money. I think I had paid a little more than 600 INR for these each. 5 out of 24 still means, I am completely using up at least about 300 INR ( since I do use other colors as well). In my opinion, the length I have gone to get these,
makes hitting pan worthwhile. In fact, I intend to actually use up palettes. I am
very patient that way.

What do you think of this effort? You should start panning as well. You can tag
me on Instagram and I can share them on my Twitter and Facebook page as well.

Until then, Xoxo