Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polishes I have been loving

My summer favorite Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polishes, swatches, photo, review, colors

Ever since Maybelline introduced this line of little nail polishes, I have been happy. The main reason being, these come in such array of colors and this are small bottles. Tell me, do you remember the last time you used up a bottle of nail polish?

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summer favorite nail polishes
Favorite Colorshow Nail Polishes
Speaking for myself, hating wastage, I would rather prefer a small quantity and better quality of products. Anyway, though I wish Maybelline did something better with the brushes, here are a few of my favorites.
Maybelline Colorshow nail polish
My faves: Click on the photos for bigger images

Downtown Red 216: It's a deep red, perfect for the traditional but red talons. It's that red which
speaks class but still is not in the face. ( Posting soon)
summer nail polish
Maybelline Colowshow

Hooked on Pink 212: Perfect for summer! That's a beautiful warm-toned, vibrant pink which can light up your day. ( posting soon)

Summer Nail polish
L:Tenacious teal R: Shocking Seas

Tenacious Teal 301: Well, it looked more like dull green to me. I mixed it with some white and got a lighter color which I am liking.

Shocking Seas 303: This  actually reminded me of wall paint. But again, I pured in some white and now I have a beautiful shade of sky blue.

Both have been featured in this NOTD post.

Grafitti Nails for summer
Unmellow Yellow on top of Colorbar Nail Polish

Unmellow Yellow 809: It's from the grafitti line and I always wanted to check out more. It's just because I am not much of a manicure person, it never happened. But, I think that on a lighter base, it looks so chic and fun!
Maybelline Nail POlish
The last view

So, here are just a few from the Colorshow Nail polishes from Maybelline. But, when it comes to a blast of all the colors I am enjoying, hold your breath for the next manicure one.