My Envy Box of May 2016 Unboxing: What do you think?

Unboxing My Envy Box of May 2016, coupons, products

My Envy Boxes are pretty unpredictable. Sometimes I am happy. some times I am not and sometimes, I just cannot makeup my mind. Overall, in the last one year, I think they are catering good boxes. Moreover, I got introduced to brands I am now loyal to and without MEB, it wouldn't have ever happened. If you compare this years' box  with last year's Box  and the 2014 May Box  improvement would be noticeable.

My Envy Box of May 2016
My Envy Box of May 2016

I love this month's graphics! The February Box had the peacock design. Last year the August Box was grand in terms of design as well. And frankly, I have a thing for pictures! This month it couldn't get more tropical! The big banana leaves, the lotus, the tropical flowers, the orchids and most importantly the hornbill! I love hornbills! Did you know that hornbills can be found in Odhisa? I wish I could for once visit Simlipal and go bird watching.

What's inside My Envy Box of May 2016?

When I opened the box, there was a beautiful scent in it. On opening, I realized there was a bottle and
the dropper had completely squished and some scented oil had leaked out. I quickly took the bottle out and put it on a table. Through the next two days, whatever oil had leaked out was filling my room with a beautiful scent and it felt so calming.

So, here's the list:

Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Puerto Berry Blush
Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Puerto Berry Blush

Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Puerto Berry Blush ( Full size Rs 499/-  14 gm) : This is a full size and looks promising.

Gulnare SeaFlo Face Wash
Gulnare Sea Flo Face Wash

Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash: ( Full size 120 ml Rs 350/- ) This one is a good size and I don't know if I should keep it aside for travel or start using it.

Roots and Above Lemon Essential Oil
Roots and Above Lemon Essential Oil

Roots and Above Lemon Essential Oil (10 ml) Full size 50 ml Rs 375/-  This is the one which delighted me! I found instructions of using it and I am going to give it a go.

Votre Facial Toning Mist
Votre Facial Toning Mist
Votre Botanical Toning Mist. Full size 100 ml for Rs 800/-. In the box 50 ml: Since the weather is moody, the mist is most welcome.

My Envy Box Coupons
The coupons

There's a Kiehl's Consultation Card and discount coupon of the jewelry box : Kiehl's has a 'try before buy' policy where you can get your skin consulted and try the recommended samples sufficient for a week or so before shelling out the big bucks. In Kolkata, the SAs are quite friendly. But, in case you feel uncomfortable about just walking in, the card might feel like your ticket. So, I do still appreciate it.
Samples in My Envy Box May 2016
All the samples

Overall, although I did not find any 'luxury' brand per se, I still feel the box is value for money and for my part, I wouldn't regret.

What about you? Did you like this month's MEB?

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The box was kindly sent to me for feature. This is not a sponsored post.