L'Oreal Paris Star Pink Collection le vernis pour les ongles Aishwarya's Pink

Photo, review and price of Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish from La Vie En Rose Collection.

I am not a manicure person. Seriously. I find it hard to sit still while my nails dry. I find it even more difficult to look at my hands when the nail polish starts chipping and I have to go through the entire process of cleaning my nails, only to put back nail polish again. I feel it takes thousand years. Eventually, what happens is, after hardly one or two applications, the nail polish bottles sit around to die. If I had a cellar and if I had wine in stead of nail polishes, that would be good. But, since I don't, no point pondering over that. Huh?
 Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish la Vie en rose

  Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish

Anyway, this is the first time, I used up almost half of a bottle of nail polish in a month! So, no brownie points for guessing that I like this polish. Right?

Price : Rs 299 for 5 ml.

So, what I like about Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish?

It's a bright and vibrant, very vibrant, yet elegant shade of pink with a touch of neon. It leans on a cool side I think.
The texture is dense and very opaque. It goes over beautifully in one coat. But, I always like at least two coats. It dries fast and does not smudge or anything.
The applicator is flat and wide. Having used another nail vernis from the line, I would say, even someone clumsy like me would do a good job with the application.

 Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish L'Oreal Paris

 Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish

The opaque, shiny and smooth finish added to the ease of application steals my heart. Even though it the L'Oreal Paris Nail Polishes are pricier than regular nail polishes, since I am frugal with my nail polish purchases, I think, whenever I buy one, I would want to go back to these.

The staying power is not phenomenal though. It stays put for about three to four days after which it starts wearing off. Since,I am lucky that my nails grow fast as well. Any nail polish over a week on my nails is not a good idea as it starts showing a gap from the base.

 Aishwarya's Pink Nail Polish
You can locate  Aishwarya's Pink nail polish on my nails. Right?

In short, apart from the fact that it starts wearing after three to four days, I do not see any other problem.

My verdict? I am gaga about these nail polishes. But now, I am low by 1/3 rd of the bottle which should in itself a testimony to my feeling about it.

Have you tried L'Oreal Paris Nail Polishes? Do you have any pick from the La Vie En Rose Collection?

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