Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90

Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90 review, photo, swatch, price

I love Miss Claire products. Call me 'cheap' or anything, but every product I have tried from the brand impressed me. I had tried their eye shadows which are so pigmented and good quality. I tried their lip creams which I love more than my NYX lip cream and finally here is there One Stroke Nail Polish which I love as well.

Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90
Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90

So, brace yourselves for the rave post.

On my Mumbai visit ( how I miss the city), I had picked up several makeup products. Call it luck, I had written and shot photos for this nail polish but somehow those got deleted and I got lazy.

However, even after about two and half years, may be because how I store my products, the nail polish is still as good as new and since I was lemming for some red on my nails to brighten up my dull mood, I reached out for this tomato hot red nail polish.

Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90
Excuse my cuticles: Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90

My Experience of Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish:

The quantity is huge. While usual nail polishes in India come in 5, 6 or 8 ml bottles, this is 15 ml! The shape of the bottle, the feel of the cap and the grip gives a rather expensive feel. The brush is of very good quality; it is neither stiff nor too flexible and is flat and wide which makes nail polish application a breeze, especially for clumsy people like me.
The nail polish dries fast. Earlier it used to dry faster of course. It still dries pretty fast. But, once I apply a second coat, I have to wait for about complete 2 minutes to let things dry completely ( and the 2 minutes feel like eternity... reasons why I am not much into manicures).
The texture is very shiny and semi-opaque. You can see the ink from election is still visible clearly through two coats of the polish.

Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90
Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish 90: Brush

The lasting power however is not that impressive. It starts chipping after two days. But I don't mind because as such I prefer keeping my nails clean and since this is a 15 ml bottle, chances are that you may not be able to finish it soon.

Price: It's been a long time, but I think I got it for Rs 225.

Verdict: Miss Claire Nail Polish is not a very long lasting nail polish. But, the quantity and the fact that it dries fast along with the broad brush and the ease of application, it makes a good choice, especially for impatient kind like me or those who like changing nail polishes frequently.

Shall I repurchase? I might.

Have you tried Miss Claire One Stroke Nail Polish? Have you tried anything from Miss Claire? What do you think about it?