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Biotique lip-balm review.

Recently I went out with my friend and caught the sight of this lip-balm. I've heard people raving about the Biotique lip balm. There were three variants one of purple color which was meant for plumping. Another only for moisturizing. I wanted to get all the three but had to restrain because I am already hoarded with a lot of lip balms.This one caught my eye because of its SPF as I stay out in the sun a lot and therefore anything with SPF is good for me.
     The container says Bio Aloe Vera Nourishing lip balm.It also contains SPF 30 (no PA++ factors note).

what Biotique claims: Prevents chapped and Sunburned Lips.
Price:99 INR
Weight:16 grams I find this quite a good quantity for the price.

Composition:  I have no clue about the pros or cons of the composition still for your information I will show this .

Shelf Life: 3 years after manufacturing
there is a word of caution to keep out of reach of children. to avoid contact with eyes, and if irritation occurs to consult a doctor..

What I like about this product:
1) The SPF. the high SPF #) as I believe should protect my lips from the hasrsh UV Rays.
2) The quantity; this is quite a good amount.
3) The texture; it is so creamy I live to put my finger in the little tub.
What I don't like about it:
1) It comes in a tub which is not hygienic. I can not carry it around because I would hate to touch it without washing my hand. If it came in a tube it would have been easier to carry around for the same reason.
2) It doesn't stay on my lips for a long time. But then, I have this peculiar habit of pressing my lips together the very moment I put on any lip  balm. Even then, this has a less staying power.
3) Did not hydrate as I had expected it to do. yet, it does the job decently.

Otherwise, I don't see any major issues with the balm.
Shall I repurchase? Yes, I would get the other variants as well. But a tub of this one will always be there as Such high SPF lip-balms are not so easily available.


  1. hi, u started a blog! congrats! keep it up!

  2. oops! u might know me as bulbul:-)

  3. Thank you a lot dear. But do I call you bulbul or Kuheli then? I'm delighted to have you as a follower

  4. am using the Biotique Fruit Lip Whitening balm for couple of days now...eyeing this one too!

  5. Let me know about your experience with the balm

  6. Ive used bio berry and almond. . . Im goin to try this one too as it has spf!


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