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Black Nail Polish

Back nails have been around for quite sometime. Its no wonder for did you notice how gorgeous black nail polish looks ? If you need to look your hands look clean as well as classy at the same time and you have no time to indulge in to give special treatments, black nail polish is your savior. Nails not salon clean? black nail polish. Feeling a bit dull or monotones with nudes? Black nail polish is again the answer.
for my nails I love red nail colors. But for modern twist you can go for black. Apart from red, I love black. Perhaps back comes first when it comes to my choice of colors . Let me show you my nail polishes, the black ones that is,

presently I have only Lakmeand Maybelline. Elle 18 was the first one that I used and I love that one the best. It did not chip easily and the finish was much more beautiful.
A common Mistake about black nails: I have come across many who think that black is only for Goths and Punks. Believe me, I love this even though I'm neither a Goth or a Punk. It's just too classy if you can carry it. I don't think it looks OTT on my hand .
In order to show you how it looks like I quickly put one a black nail polish. I did not have the time enough to clean the sides to make it neater. But mind, the neater one is the most flattering color I've seen.

some pointers about black polish: Keeps your nails clean and do not wear chipped black polish. It is the ugliest thing you will be wearing. Black needs high maintenance. But then which nail polish looks good when it chips?

More often I've heard "I'm too dark to wear black". This is bogus. Skin color would not matter.  So, what are your waiting for?  wear some black nail polish and find out for yourself if it looks good on you or not. And don't forget to let me know if you had tried this on.


  1. I'm dusky and I <3 Black and it looks lovely on my hands (and urs too):P

  2. Thank you sharon. Black suits all. I wonder why so many say like that. let me know what you think of my other blogs as well. I have just started.

  3. that looks nice..i will check dat out in maybelline..

  4. @BHumika: You better try the Elle 18 one. It dries pretty fast. The Maybelline one chips and chips a lot.

  5. wow its really nice. I currently using Nail Polish By Jordana. I heard about coollifeshop running out nail art contest. Its boost for hidden tallents.


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