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The Body Shop Satsuma Body wash Review

Hi, I think for women who like me who love  to indulge in make up and all things beautiful also like to indulge in bathing. For us bathing is a relaxing experience and a process to energize ourselves.for this, body washes are a must. It’s not about simple cleaning. But the experience of relaxing in fragrant lather is something so refreshing that keeps you going through the day.
With this in mind I like to try out different body washes. Some time back I went out shopping with my friend at South City Mall. I found that there was a sale going on at The Body Shop. I had no plans to make purchases .. But it’s quite tempting to find a sale. So I got this Satsuma Bath and Shower Gel. I love the Satsuma Lip balm from their lip balm line. The tangy Satsuma smell is simply divine. I had same hopes from this gel. But the wash was a complete disappointment for me at least. Let me share the experience with you.
I got this for 275 INR on sale.
What The Body Shop claims: Let the sunshine in with this invigorating all-over body cleanser perfect for those Monday mornings. Containing Community Traded soya oil.

It claims to be soap-free and moisturizing
As with all The Body Shop products, it is against animal testing.
Ingredients: Not listed anywhere on the bottle. Not even below the peel-off flap. I remember there was something written on the plastic package but was too tiny for me to read. I can’t say if it was the ingredient list.

Now the pros and the cons
The Pros
1)      While pouring out every time for the first time it smells good. The first time I had poured it out I was delighted with the anticipation that it will smell like the Satsuma lip balm. But silly me! It smells a bit like Fiama de Wills green body wash(I mean the green coloured one. Have to check the bottle for the exact name)
2)      A very small amount is required. Only a few drops and its enough for your whole body. But this is not as foaming as the other  body washes from various brands. Yet , the quantity  makes it economical. With a good ten or eleven washes I have managed to bring down the entire quantity only a little bit, (check the second pic for the estimation).
3)      The consistency is quite runny so it is easy to spread on the entire loofah and to work up the lather.

The texture

Now the cons
1)      On pouring out for the first time it smells good. But in a minute or few the smell dulls down and I find that dull scent very unpleasant. But the smell is what I had looked for in it. So a big disappointment.
2)      The lather is not like that of the other body washes. But then, it is soap-free. So can’t complain.
3)      The price. Too steep for a body wash especially if it has not met with your expectations. For women like us who like to shop within budget, I think it’s simply not for them.
I prefer the Fiama body wash to this .
Will I repurchase?  Not at all. However I may like the other Body Shop products, this is not really for me.
My rating: 3/5


  1. hey..i was about to buy this one..thanks for the review..

  2. you are welcome Anamika. let me know which body wash you liked the most


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