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Colorbar I-glide Eyepencil

Yesterday I went shopping.For a few days I'm not trying altogether new products. The articles of the new products that I have reviewed are there on the Indian Make up And beauty Blog.Since my exams are knocking on the door I can't post my blogs that frequently. So, can expect at least 5 blogs per week after 23rd december. For the time being I'm telling my personal experiene of some popular items. Yesterday I got A maybelline colossal Volume Mascara and Colorbar I-glide eye-pencil in black called Black-out. shade no o6. I'll now tell you what I think of it.

It comes in a carton and the tip of the pencil looks like this.

Price:325 INR I got it for about 301 with my Pantaloons Greencard
Quantity: Not mentioned. Its is the same size as that of Maybelline Eyestudio pencils
Shelf-life : 30 months from manufacture
Composition: I won't type it out. I've taken a snap shot. If you enlarge it would give you a sufficient view of it

What the company claims: Here also is the snapshot

Pros: 1It is true to whatever the company claims. It is indeed super soft. it just glides over.
          2 It is feels wet when applied. This way, you don't have to tug on your eye-lids and goes over gliding. It is so true to its name.

           3 The best thing about this is that it is absolutely smudge-proof. In order to test this, I applied it on my hand and left it on for two minutes to let it dry. after that I rubbed lightly and then rubbed on it hard but it wont budge. Its truly smudge-proof. Though I haven't had the chance to wear it throughout the day yet, I'm pretty confident it will stay put without seeping under my eyes.
            4 It is dark It is very very dark. Indeed it is a black out black and a knock out one for me as well.
let me show you the color swatch and the smudgeability.

Its a single light stroke and such dark black.

I rubbed it hard even before I could let it dry properly. After letting it dry properly that it won't budge I promise

Cons:  Nothing I could think of except for the price. So expensive. Maybelline also has eye-pencils but those are colored and not black.
What I think of it? At last I've found my Holy Grail kajal! I have been looking exactly for this for such a long time and wasted so much of time and money and frustration for that perfect eye-pencil. At least I've found it. Even though it's expensive, it will last me for quite a long time I'm sure. So the price should not be a factor. It's a onetime investment and the benefits a too many. I simply love this one!
Shall I repurchase? YES,YES,YES.


  1. yes, i think too it's only con is high price. maybelline pencils are great. i am a huge fan of this brand. god knows how they manage to charge such low prices. but why did u not buy the colored ones frm I-glide? i think the plum/purple and jade colors are great in this range. must try:-))

  2. Thanks Kuheli. Actually I've got about 9 colored eye pencils from Lakme and Maybelline. I need to finish up those. Since my eyes are not my best feature I would rather invest in lipstick or lip products than eye-liners. Still I've to finish so many liners and pencil. otherwise after a year or so I have just chuck them away. Which colors do you love on your eyes?

  3. I have used this in Prunella..I love these.. Will get black also now..

  4. @ Me eyeing prunella. But I'll do an eena meena myna mo to decide if I should try faces or colorbar again

  5. sayani chatterjee18/5/11 12:02 pm

    Colorbar I glides are awesome..Prunella is a nice shade

  6. I used Eyeliner Pencil by Jordana Cosmetics. Having naice experince with it.


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