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How to customize your own shade of foundation

We all know foundation provides the canvas to start your make up art. But each of us has always found it difficult to match the right shade. It's a real pain if you want to find something from drugstore. The shades more often are a little lighter or a bit darker. Very few are lucky to find their perfect shade right away. Here is a little trick that I do to match the foundation to my skin. I'll talk about Lakme Nine to Five foundation which I've been using currently.

Well, the real problem is my skin tone changes according to season and the range is between Lakme's Marble shade and Shell. I can't use shell alone as it is too dark.But in winter my skin strangely  gets a bit darker.Yet, the Shell is still too dark to use alone and Marble Makes me look like a mask. So, i bought both marble and Shell. and I mix the two shades proportionately to match my skin tone. So, if your foundation color turns out to be too fair on your face or two dark, get another bottle and mix them along so. This way you can have a number of shades between the two colours have your customized one. If money is a factor you can even match any inexpensive ones and have it customized for you.

Note the difference between the two shades. The pictures are a bit hazy but the color difference is still visible. The middle one is the blended shades I use for myself. the difference is subtle but very effective on skin.


  1. Hi Nivedita,

    Congratulations for your blog. :) It's cute. I also blend the shades sometimes. But generally I am lazy. :P

  2. Thanks a ton Rati. Appreciation from you always makes things so special for me

  3. Ur insights are a big big help!thnx fr sharing ur knowledge n experiences!keep it up darling- SHAYANI


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