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Lakme Black Satin Kajal

I've been hearing a lot about this kajal . I was on the look out for my HG kajal. So I decided to give this a try. I read that this kajal is comparatively long lasting and less smudgy. Also it is one of the glossiest kajals ever.I got hold of one at the store and here is my experience for the oily skinned women on whom kajals are almost always a big disappointment.
 It came in a cool carton which I have removed to give you a better look.

Now, here are the essential information.

Shelf-life: 2years from packed
Ingredients:no mention
What Lakme says about this(as per the carton):
* Jet black kajal for one stroke blackest black delivery
*For sharp intense line or smudged smoky  finish
*Glides on super soft and smooth, with a  glossy satin finish.
*Water-resistant formula that keeps color and shine in place without spreading easily
My Experience.
The bads:
 It smudges on my eyes horribly.I read many reviews which said that after 5 minutes it sets in place and smudges very little. But on my eyes it streaked out within that very 5 minutes. So can't tell if sets after 5 minutes or not. May be I'm not that lucky with this one.
I had bought this with the hope that it won't smudge but that's a failure. But then, I won't blame the company as it does not claim this to be smudge-proof. Still, it could be a bit more long lasting than this.
the goods: This  is indeed the blackest kajal I have come across. let me show you the swatches of Lakme normal kajal and the satin kajal

The left one is the satin kajal, the right one the normal one.
The 'smudgeability"
 More or less the same.

shall I repurchase? I don't think so. But if I have to buy a normal kajal( not the smudge-proof one) I will but this one.


  1. ha ha ha. yes i got vanished for a few days. i had exams and my net was out of service also. u can call me whatever u wish. bulbul is actually my "daaknaam".

  2. Hiiiii...seeing your blog for the first time :) so thought will post my first comment on this post..kind of apt naaa :D :D :D You have a neat blog..

  3. love your blog.
    keep posting! :)

  4. @ Rads: Thank you so much. hahaha. true. Give me feedbacks its very helpful for me

    @ akshima: Thanks a ton. i tried visiting your profile but its not accessible to me. :( please don't forget to comment. You see I've just started and your likes and dislikes always matter to me.

  5. hey i have the lakme satin kajal, and it works for me

  6. hey! seeing your blog first time! vry nyc & intrstng too...
    rly lykd it!!! :-)
    keep postng!!

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  8. That's nice Reentu. Lucky you. It's a very beautiful black one.
    @ Anonymous: Thanks a lot. Do check back whenever you can. I would love to hear from you

  9. I am having oily skin ........... lakme smudge proof kajal will be ok for me or not .please suggest ........ and let me know the price if possible ....... thanx

  10. hi, sangita, I would request you to go through the post carefully. You would find all your queries answered


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