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Lakme Fruit Moisture Peach and Plum moisturizer

Lakme has been a favourite brand of mind although now and then it has proved to be a miss. Still, in my love-hate relationship with it love ultimately prevails. Lakme has recently revamped their range and launched a few products.This one is called Fruit Moisture Peach and Plum Daily moisturizer with sunscreen. I needed my Holy Grail Peach milk moisturizer and found it has been withdrawn and has been replaced by this new moisturizer. For the Peach milk lovers, here is the review of the new product.
price : 210INR (a hefty one to be sure)

Quantity:200 ml
shelf life: 24 months from packed

My experience:  It's a moisturiser of thick texture on first appearance but blends into the skin like dream. Its not greasy but its on the heavy duty side provided I have oily to combination skin type. It did a decent job but after an hour or two my face feels very oily which goes away with a dry tissue. But the skin still feels hydrated.
1)Its a very good moisturizer which serves its purpose well.
2) Did not break out even my oily skin. 
3) My skin feels so soft and soothed as if it needed that hydration.
4)Smells wonderfully of peaches. The color is also that of peach. On first pouring out it smells strongly but then the smell tones down to a lingering effect. In spite of the color mind its not a tinted moisturizer
5) It has sunscreens. Hence should protect the skin from the sun to a certain extent.
6) Needs a very small amount. A drop or two is enough for my entire face . Your may need according to the size of your face.
1) .It says it has sunscreens but did not mention the SPF or the PA factors. I don't see if the composition has the sunscreens. So, I'm very dubious about the sun protection.
2) After two or three hours my face becomes too oily. I would rather suggest oily skinned folks to stay away unless you need the occasional heavy duty moisturization . It could be a good option in winter.
3) price: Lakme has been hiking up the price like crazy. 
Otherwise I don't have any problem with this. I am happy that Lakme has come up with this revamped product although I am still in love with the Peach Milk moisturizer.

Shall I repurchase? Yes I will although I'd stick to Himalaya Face moisturizer for daily use.