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Maybelline Colossal Volum" Express Mascara

Hi all
In my last blog I told you that I've bought a new mascara from Maybelline . My last mascara, Avon Supershock ,was quite a satisfactory one. I used it for 10 months continuous and so it was naturally finished. I heard so much about this mascara from Maybelline that I wanted to buy it.I don't stock up on mascaras as I use only black. So, no point buying too many pieces of the black mascara which would basically do the same job. This time I wanted to give this one a try and having used it twice or thrice throughout the day here is my review. It comes in an eye catching bright yellow container. Very girlie indeed. Everything is written on it in teal shiny letters.

Price: 260 INR I got it for around 241 INR with my pantaloons Green card
Quantity: 10 ml

Shelf-life: 30 months

What I like:
1) It is absolutely waterproof. In fact I find the only way it comes off best is with coconut oil. You might want to use almond oil. Whichever you prefer. It was difficult to take off with my Lakme Deep pore cleanser. Can't say about any other cleanser. But the way it stiffens, I think the best method is oil
. Even with oil I have keep keep the oil on for a few seconds to soak. Only after that it goes away.
2) It is indeed waterproof. So no worries if you are staying out all the day and might want to wash your face.
3) It is dark. I like only black mascaras for my skin-tone and eyes.
4) you can wear it in one swipe only.
5) It is long stay.Although it does not curl the lashes by itself, It stays put throughout the day.

What I don't like:
1) It stiffens the eye-lashes and makes the mascara obvious. In fact people start noticing . I might be because I curled my lashes before wearing it . More over, the only good thing about my eyes is that I have really long lashes. So it was more noticeable.
2) One swipe or two swipes. You can't go over for a second coat. One it dries it stiffens the lashes. So, putting on a second coat is not possible. If you are not careful enough to carefully put it on carefully at the eye lash base, at the end you won't have the chance to go over again.
3) This is a big problem for me as with many others. The taking off is a bit of difficulty. and for fragile-lash people it might give you plenty of broken lashes unless you are careful about it or using oil.
4) I don't like the brush. It's not an ideal brush which would separate the lashes. Nothing too good about the brush. A leaner and spikier brush would separate the lashes. This is not it.

Do I recommend? why and why not?
Its waterproof. Single-swipe saves your time definitely volumizes  the lashes. Not seven time. But makes them quite noticeable.
Why not? 
Makes the look a bit artificial.
Taking off is a big problem.
I did not like the brush too much.

Shall I repurchase? I might. but, if I find Avon Supershock mascara on offer then, I would have that rather than this one.


  1. hii...nivedita..
    nice reviews..followin u..:)

  2. Thanks a ton Bhumika. let me know how you like this or what you would like me to point out or review. This would help me to write better.

  3. Hi..
    Really nice Blog post. Thanks a lot for sharing with Us. Mascara Gives you what you want.


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