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My mini -haul

So, far I have never done a haul blog. Around a month back I had done a little shopping in a limited budget. I wanted to check out a few things. I have reviewed most of the products I had bought. A few are yet to be done. I will do so in due course of time. You may also let me know which you would like me to review first. let me show you the entire goodies. I know singly they might not be that attractive as I already have done most of the reviews. But put together, they are a treat . At least so good to look at.

Here is the wee little haul. I got Elle 18 eye sparklers, Biotique lip balm with sunscreen. Two Maybelline Color-sensational lip glosses, one Watershine lipstick in red and a Lakme Black Satin Kajal (not here in the picture.I forgot to put it alongside.

Elle 18 eye-Sparklers : These are a steal when it comes to have eye-shadows and eye-liners at one go. .

Maybelline Gloss: I love lip products of any sort. more over I love red. The pink gloss was for my friend while the red one or the berry one is Cranberry Cocktail. Don't be intimidated by the color. It sets itself according to the natural lip color into a tailor made tone which is very cranberry-ish.

Maybelline Lipstick: Its looks a vibrant red. But is in fact a very sheer yet glamorous red. It can be worn anywhere on any occasion. If you are a red-lipstick person like me, you would love it. I will review this one later on.

The color looks more pinkish in the photo. I had taken this picture during night time with flash. I will show you the real beautiful color when I'm reviewing this.

Biotique Lip-balm: I quite liked the balm. I don't know if the SPF is a gimmick or real because I haven't used it that frequently yet.   for the review click here

At last the kajal
Lakme Black Satin Kajal:  It is the blackest black kajal. If you are a kohl person you would simply love this. I being an oily -skinned person on whom every kajal leaks did not like it as per the texture goes. here is my review. Click here

many of you have already used these. let me know of your experience.


  1. thats a superb haul nivedita!!!!!!! love it!

  2. Thank You Flamante. Hope you enjoy my blogs as well.

  3. Radhika it's you and I was wondering who it is!

  4. its me but its not me.there are 2 radhikas i am another one.so have no confusion....

  5. wen r u giving us d swatches of those colorsensational glosses? n do u hv ny concealer u cn review? i'm looking for one..

  6. Hey Anshita, I have already swatched them . check here


  7. Sure Anshita. In that case I'll come up with the most useful concealer I use


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