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Accessories-Chatai and Dokra

I'm loving a few accessories these days. I'm not too much of an accessory person. but still I love them when I'm in the mood. I've been wearing a few neck-pieces. But recently I'm wearing some other metallic ones which I wanted to show you.
I mostly like wearing simple kurtis from Khadi. I get the cloth pieces and get them tailor- made. They are very simple yet impart a great ethnic look. You can get versatile and team up with trendy jackets, necklaces, strings, only earrings .The terracotta also works great. but my recent favourites are these

The cuff, neck-piece and the earrings come as a set. They are actually huge. So, I prefer to wear the neck piece alone as a statement piece or the other pieces all separately. If I put on everything it would look conflicting and clumsy as well. The neck-piece is specially huge and covers up almost my entire chest area.
This pattern is called 'chatai'. because it looks like the weaving patterns of a "chatai" or the Indian Mats. Its Made of brass and bronze and looks quite gaudy in real. This is a very tribal style.

The other one I love is the Horsehead pendant. Here is a closer look
. This is also a very very real traditional art work of bengal. It's a speciality from the district of Bankura.. The speciality of the partten is it is made of brass. and the wires pattern is the typical and the feature of this style. The wires are wound around and put in high heat which gives a welded look. Its called the 'dokra". My sister had gifted it from a handicraft's shop and I put a string  through it . Isn't it sooo beautiful?
I love all kinds of traditional art works and I would like to collect more and more of these.

Let me know how you liked this article. I'm waiting for you to say as I think you might not be acquainted with these traditional artworks. I think Indian art works are always great and and we know so little of our tribal/traditional artworks.


  1. i liked d 1st one...d earrings r very nice..

  2. i need to look out for these, they look great

  3. Thanks a ton. i like the neckpieces the best. haven't had the chance to wear the earrings yet

  4. These are beautiful Nivedita. There was a handicrafts exhibition in Chennai a couple of months ago & there was a jewellery stall from Bengal. They made lac jewellery & I bought a few pieces, including a necklace which had a deer head shaped focal piece. The horse pendant reminded me of it. How much did all this cost?
    BTW, I came across your blog recently & I'm really liking it :)

  5. Thanks a lot Poohkie and welcome to my blog. lac jwellery are usually typical of jaipur. But may be they are making a fusion. This wire thing is the typical of Dokra. And animal heads are the typical features like deer, horses, elephant, sun etc.
    I'm glad to have you as a follower. Do comment on them. I'd ve very happy.

  6. i have to buy some dokra jeweleries. i have only two pairs of dokra earrings - a copper one, a brass one. they r not so heavy though. i need some heavy pieces..:D

  7. pls review the himalaya night cream......

  8. @ Kuheli: If you want the original heavuer pieces look for in in the govt handicrafts jewellery store.
    @ Anon: I would try to :)


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