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Avon perfume Simple warm Sunshine

Hey guys,
This is not a review just a bit of a chit chat on a pocket friendly perfume that I bought from Avon. I got this ages back. It comes 30 ml for 450 INR which I got on offer for 299 only.
Although it's winter and no time for sunshine, I still love it. It smells heavenly of fruits and has a hint of citrus ones 
in it.
It is Eau de cologne and stays on for quite a long long time. You can expect subtle lingering smell for at least 8 hours which is tried and tested. In case you have a nose like mine when it comes to perfumes you would certainly like it. Let me know of you have this one too. There are other variants as well and I'm thinking of getting the other variants on the next offer.


  1. Hey that's a great one at such a cheap price!! Great pick!

  2. woah a bargain!
    sadly i dont know abt any of avon consultants :(

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Rakshananda: Yeah. I guess o. Give it a try you won't really regret.
    @ Anshita: Look yo their Indian website. You will find consultants. See, if this helps.

    Sorry for the late reply. I was away for a while

  5. The name sounds so cheerful. I have yet to try Avon`s fragrances. We don`t have any available nor any representatives in pak :(

  6. Vanity, were u able to spot an Avon consultant?

  7. Nivedita, have u tried Avon Simple Elements Perfect Cotton? or Oriflame Amber Elixir? Warm Sunshine is not an EDC but it's an EDT....


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