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The Body Shop lip balm- Born lippy, Satsuma, Raspberry, Strawberry

Now that winter is here more and more we are reaching out for lip balms and moisturizers. But as suckers for lip-balms who can resist the beautiful smelling, sweet tasting nice looking lip-balms? Not me at least. So, here is the review of The Body Shop lip balms which i'm obsessed with.
Price: 195 INR My first Satsuma ipbalm was priced at 295 INR
Weight:10 ml, 9 gm
Satsuma: Satsuma and Orange oils - help provide a natural, fruity fragrance.

Community Trade beeswax from Zambia - moisturises & helps to condition the lips. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture.

Shimmer particles - adds a shimmering sparkle to the lips.
Raspberry:Raspberry extract - helps provide a natural fruity flavour.

Community Trade organic beeswax from Zambia - moisturises and helps condition the lips. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture.
Strawberry fruit extract - helps provide a natural fruity flavour.

Community Trade beeswax from Zambia - moisturises & helps condition the lips. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture
What the company claims?  A glossy and moisturising lip balm with a citrus flavour and added shimmer, that leaves lips looking and feeling soft, smooth and shimmering.

What I like?
1) Smells divine. It has a tangy orange smell that i  can't resist. Actually this smell prompted me to buy the body wash which was a disappointment.
2) it is moisturizing enoiugh for summer making the lips super soft. At the same time this one being a bit on the drier side is my summer's best friend.

1)  same as satsuma. Smells divine. but some may find the smell a bit over-powering which is not a problem for myself. If I open the container in my smaller room, I can smell it from the other corner. More moisturizing than the Satsuma one. In fact it is super moisturising. If I wear it at night I wake up with very very soft and healed lips.

Strawberry: just the same as Raspberry only the difference in the smell.

All the three tastes yummy. So if you actually lick you lips you'd keep licking on them.
For me they last quite long. I've been using my first Satsuma tub for about two years.

What i dislike?
Satsuma: Not very moisturizing. Not good for winter.

    1)Both smell quite strong. You have to reapply. sometimes I find my lips back to the same condition prior application. So, as long as the balm stays it works. once it's gone, no help without reapplication. I don't know why this happens and this does not happen to me consistently. Sometimes I find my lips quite good even after the balm is gone while some times this chapped condition comes back.
   2) The tub is what i love to look at but then, dipping the finger in it everytime I use is not hygenic. the soft texture I understand make it difficult to put in the twist up tube and regular tubes end up with a lot of wastage. So, I don't carry it aroung. And use only my clean fingers to take it out.

Shall I repurchase? I already did. I can't resist the smell. I even bought back up tubs for the satsuma one. I have on my mind to buy the other variants as well.

Do I recommend?  Yes. certainly more so if you are a lip-product addict like me.

A few more blogs on lip products would be coming up for this winter


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