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Faces Eye-Shadow Brush ( A little beauty)

I'm on the watch out for eye-shadow brushes that would be good but very inexpensive. My Vega brush is definitely handy. But the bristles are not that soft as I see. More over the synthetic bristle seems to suck up most of the eye-shadow  I try to swipe. It is very very good if I'm putting on cream shadows. But I'm not very happy with the powder ones. besides I wish there were other eye-brushes as well that Vega made- like the contour or the pencil brush. Wonder why they don't. Recently I accidentally came across a brush which I'm loving at the moment which is the Faces eye-shadow brush.
It is a small shader/blender brush. A hair bristle one.

I liked because:
This cost me only 70 INR.
Its cheap that way.
It has hair bristles that are are densely packed and picks up the color like dream. The swipes are much more darker than I ever imagined. There was an eye-shadow which came out very light. But when I applied it with this brush it showed up beautifully without any primer.
There was very little fall out. i haven't washed it yet. So can't tell about this.
Now,let me show you the bristle head
There's an eye shadow from my Rimmel palette which my sister had gifted me( I will review it later). let me show you the difference of the swatches with the Vega one and the Faces one
I'll be using the lavender one
L: Vega R: Faces
Now there'ssomething I need you to know. I had Bought this brush from a Pantaloons outlet which does not have Faces Cosmetics but has their accessories. When I went to another outlet AT South City Mall and asked for these brushes at the Faces counter they showed me bog synthetic bristle brushes. They had the contour one, the shader one etc i.e. all kind of eye-brushes which the Gariahat outlet did NOT have. So, the bottom line Gariahat had this brush only and none of the others which South City all the others but this one. It was there a long time ago. I had seen it. but not this time. It might me that Faces was doing a 'test-run' to check the demand for the brushes. the bigger synthetic brushes were prices at arounf Rs. 300 to 350. I'm thinking of getting an eye- contour brush

Overall., I'm just loving this brush. So. if you happen to spot this little thing at the Faces, Do pick up one. It's worth the money.