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Jovees lip balm

Ok,this is another short review. Rather a bad buy alert. See, I don't like suspense so I have none for you as well and yes, this product I'm talking about beats any other bad buys you can name. This is Jovees lip balm. as dry lipped person I have to put on balms over and over again. In this cold season I wanted to stock up on the regular lip-balms( I don't always use my TBS because of the fear of contamination).I never bought anything from Jovees and I'm pretty skeptic about these brands. hearing much raving about this brand from my friends I decided to give their lip-balm a try. it would be a small investment and if it turns out to be not that good, not a lot of my little money is wasted. I went for the lemon one as I had never used a lemon flavoured or scented lip-balm ever before but never thought this would turn out to be such a big let down.. other variants are available like lavender,strawberry etc.. here is what I think of this product

Price: 60 INR they have raised the price to 70 rupees
Quantity: I've thrown away the package. So the quantity is lost. But by comparing with the TBs I think its about 5 grams.
Ingredients: they claim to be herbal. Apart from this I remember nothing
What the company claims: Ditto as above
what I think:
the bads:
1) first and foremost, I got the lemon variant and it terribly smells of toilet soaps in lemon aroma. every time I put it on my lips I feel like I'm putting on that soap. it smells of Liril, Cinthol, etc but is not remotely agreeble like those if you happen to like the scents of those soaps.
2) It does not heal my lips. It just sits on my chapped skin and that's that. doesn't let further chapping either. In a way does nothing good, nor bad.
3) does not make my lips soft and the dry flakes of chapped lips do not soften up with these unlike other lip balms.
4) its staying power is not good. vanishes up withing a few minutes. I could never understand where it goes.
the goods:
1)The only fact it did not let my lips chap further is the only good thing I can say about it.
2)and that it is soft in texture and non-sticky. But stickiness is no problem for me at all.
My verdict: I should've tried the other variants but this lemon flavor has so put me off and even if I overlook the scent, the product has nothing good in it. so,the idea of repurchasing now gives me shudder and I'm wondering if I can find some other way to use it up.
I do NOT recommend this at all.
have you used this product? what was your experience with it?


  1. I actually used a facewash of jovees , the tea tree one and i liked it... never bought the lip balm coz i hate the weird flavours

  2. ohh..bad it dint work..thanks for the alert..

  3. i used the lavender and mine was not too good either... though it stays on my lips, i hate the smell coz mine smells like nilgiri oil... :(

  4. @ Shimy: Actually it was the good reviews about the face-washes that I heard from my friends and they insisted the entire brand to be good. I'm still in my Jovees trauma. but after your recommendations I would give the face washes a try
    @ BHumika" yes. Don't buy them. a total waste of money.
    Anks: So, i need not wonder if other variants were good. I came across review only after I had already purchased it. Still, I would not even think of repurchasing now. The product is only so annoying.


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