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Lakme Face Magic (daily wear souffle)

I'm not a huge fan of foundations although I would love to have a flawless skin. I'm not into tinted moisturisers as well. but there is something which I absolutely love and I know would keep loving and that is the Lakme Face magic daily wear souffle. I have been using this since I was 17 or 18 (?) and I don't exactly remember how many tubs I have repurchased. I know so many have had issues with this but still, this worked for me. I need something had doesn't give me a cakey look and I usually restrict  any kind of foundation to special occasions. When I'm not into a full coverage I find this 'foundation or 'souffle' doing the desired job . Giving me a beautiful even toned texture to my skin. so, here it is
 Comes in three shades- pearl, Marble,Shell My shade is marble

Price: 99 INR
Quantity: I dont know. I thew away the carton but its a decent quantity. Goes a long way

what the company claims?( from the website)
 Lightweight soufflé makeup, perfect for everyday wear.

  • Enriched with sunscreens and cucumber extracts.
  • 100% water based formula is lightweight so skin does not feel weighed down by extra layers
  • Souffle form allows for easy application to give skin a natural, flawless look

Ingredients: Not listed. I have thrown away the carton
My take

1) I like the packaging. It comes in a  very cute heavy glass jar which is soo beautiful. My mum keeps her spices in the used bottles because she also adores it so much.
2) the water -based and light texture blends in the skin very well making it suitable for daily use.
3) It never caused break outs on my skin

1)It is not water-resistant.
 I hate it how it transfers to my cell-phone screen, to my shirt collar or streaks during the summers.
2) the product itself is very smooth and gooey-watery which is not liked by many. but it does not affect the blending.
3) It turned orangey on some. On me it rarely turns orangey especially if I have stored to product for too long and caused to much exposure to air. otherwise I do not have issues of this king.
4) the number of shades available is very less in number. Only three shades has to match any of the Indian skin-tones which I find ridiculous. Marble used to match me very well when I'm tanned but I noticed it makes me looks orangey too when my tan is lightened or gone.
5) it has sunscreen as they claim but  no mention of the SPF. i think its just a gimmick. Still, I like it.

As a whole I'm impressed and I would repurchase this over and over again.


  1. I kinda like this only in winters. In summers, it melts right off my face. But it's okayish.

  2. dis is kinda tinted moisturiser only i feel..bt i wnt like sumthg that transfers..m happy with my ponds TM..i love it..

  3. hate it when this or foundations transfer to the cell phone screens.

    PS: I think I know you. Not in person, but maybe you are a friend of a friend of mine. Am not sure though.

  4. it comes off in a swipe with my hanky...i dont like it


  5. Nice review, girl! I will check this out for sure! xoxo

  6. @ Ladylavender: It's a kind of neutral thing for most people.
    @ Bhumika: True. But i gives me a beautiful texture which I cant seem to ignore>
    @ Doel: Yes, thats annoying. And how might i know can you mail/msg me? My e-mail Id is here only.
    @ sonali: after going through the cons if you still want to go for it do so beacuse you won't be disappointed dear

  7. I have dry skin and i used the lakme perfecting liquid foundation but it made my skin dry and there were patches and flakes after applying it. i want to know if this souffle will also flake my skin or give dry patches because i really don't want that kind of appearance.... thanx!

  8. @ Anon: Althought I have oily skin the liquid perfecting one still aggravates my dry patches. I never had that kind of problem with this one. thats why I also find it very OTG.

  9. @nivedita: so i guess i should try it out and see.... i live in sri lanka and its pretty expensive here compared to the price in india :O.... anywayz ill give it a shot. really hope it wnt leave dry patches on my face!

  10. At least I hope you won't find it an altogether let down. And I think you should not have the dry patch problem. Not with this product

  11. Thanx! I'll try it and give my feedback if the result is positive, hopefully! :)

  12. @ Anon: Let me know even if you were disapointed. Because that would be helpful to my friends who read this blog. :)

  13. sure i will let u knw... I am hoping to buy it as soon as i get some cash :)..... kinda expensive here as i told u :(

  14. Hey! I bought it. It's good. Doesn't flake my skin. It is very light too. I like it :). Btw i want to know something else. I have been getting pimples since recently, thought my skin is dry. A salesman at a cosmetic store suggested himalaya purifying neem face wash. he said tht it will help reduce pimples. I thought of trying it out. Have you tried it or heard of its results? does it actually control acne?

  15. Hi anon. Thank you for your feedback. Yes. I have already reviewed them. look up in the Himalaya label of my blog.

    or check here

  16. Hey Thanx! I checked it out. So glad that you have given positive comments and glad to know that it actually helps reduce pimples..... I kept arguing with the salesman saying that my acne problem might get worse after using this. I suspected he was doing it to sell the product or something. I have been using it for about three days. Hopefully it will reduce my acne problem and hopefully I won't breakout more :O... Anywayz thanx alot for the review on lakme face magic too :D :D

  17. Its alright dear. The honor is mine. :) let me know if the face wash and the pack helped. It works best when you also use the face pack. let me hear from you about your results. my blog is to share with each other what we like and dislike. :)

  18. I am only using the face wash at the moment. I wanna see if it actually does what it says. I will definitely give my feedback on it. If it does work then maybe I will try it with the face pack :)...... Your blog is great. Love it!! :D :D

  19. Thank you dear. but this will work only if you use it in combination with the pack. However, let know how it worked for you. Thank you so much for liking my blog. Your compliments mean a lot to me

  20. Hi! I tried the face wash for about two weeks now. It is still giving me breakouts :(. I don't know what to do. :'(.... do you know of a good face wash that suits me. I have dry skin.

  21. Even I have mixed feelings about this one.....VFM but comes off on anthing that touches your face...

  22. Hey,
    You know that I am not a big fan of foundation, and it was only you who had somewhat introduced me to it. But with the winters approaching, I was contemplating on getting something as the Indian summers hardly allow us to put anything other than the sunscreen. I am going to get this one, and will let you know here. :)

  23. lakme is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. My God ! I was searching reviews for this product & came across your article written in 2010. You have completed nearly 8 years in blogging ! Congrats !!


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