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Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

Hi friends
I'm back and I'm back with the review of Lakme Invisible Finish foundation.With this festive season we need to glam up a bit and no make up looks outstanding without a perfect canvas or at least a good canvas. I needed to find my HG foundation. The main difficulty is the color match. What i normally do is mix two foundations to achieve the perfect shade but more often I feel lazy so at times, I entirely skip this rountine. anyway, for special occasions I like to be flawless so I was in search of the perfect shade when thisone caught my eye. I never thought of trying this one before but one day, I saw this foundation in the exact yellow of my skin-tone. After much dilemma  I got this one and tried this and VOILA!!!! the shade is just TAILOR MADE for me.
now the review
It comes in 6 shades.
price: 185 INR
Quantity: 25 ml
Shelf-life: 24 months
Ingredients: not mentioned
what the company claims? Invisible Finish Foundation offers perfect blending and full coverage for a flawless almost invisible finish
water-based,spf8, in shades especially created for Indian skin-tones.
Direction of use: Shake well before use; twist cap to open

Now what I liked:
1) The shade is a super hit with me. I never came across a foundation which is more perfect for my skin tone.
2) I like the liquid texture. So it's not sticky for my oily-combination skin.
3) Blends like dream without leaving any streak and the blending is also so easy.
4) It has a spatula built on the cap so, you don't have to pour the foundation by tumbling the product. no wastage that way and also no messing up things.
5) Doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all.
6) so many shades makes it fit for every skin-tone. You won't be disappointed in finding the match.
What I disliked:
1) it is water -based and not water-proof. So a strict no-no for summer when you sweat or the heat might melt it down even if blended properly. This i the biggest con I find.
2)  Unless you are careful with the spatula it might drip on every where.
3) I wore it on a wedding reception and noticed a little break out on the next day. I'm not sure if my irregular life-style which causes me to break out frequently did the job again or the foundtion. Have to try a few more times to confirm.
I like it and recommend it. Lakme has proved once again that it is the best brand when it comes to matching Indian skin tones.
Wish Lakme had this number of shades and these tones in all of their foundation lines. Is Lakme watching this?
let me know if you have tried this and what you think of this.

For the swatches click here


  1. i love this foundation and its a complete shade match for me as well..its just not long lasting and thats a pity

  2. Ya. I wonder why don't they get the same shades in their 9to5 range. how have you been mehak. I wanted to say Thank you to you but got caught up with my exams.

  3. but now the horrid exams are over and life is back in full swing :))

  4. Nice review, there is a dearth of yellow toned foundations and thats a big problem for us indian girls. Thanks :)

  5. Great review!! Lovely shade too...guess it'll match my skin tone. Will you give the swatches too? Plz:))

  6. I have this too, while the foundation is nice, it has no adherence at all! it just won't stay put on my skin - Mumbai is very humid & it just melts off here - stains my collars & cell screen..

  7. @ Scarlett. yes, relief at last.
    @ beautydiva: true. I think by far lakme makes the best tones but the product quality is lacking.
    @ Rakshananda: Thanks. next time I go to shopping I'll carry my camera and try to get you the swatches. but you have to wait a bit. Yes, if you have yellow undertone 02 should be good for you.
    @ Tanveer: I had luck with this one because I tried this in winter. it stayed out for good 6 hours ( in this 13* C approx) until I took it off with cleanser. but I wont dare use it during summers.

  8. same thg hee..mumbai is to humid..n dint want these transferrin probs..
    glad ur exams r over..enjoy..


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