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Maybelline Blush

On my short journey in this blog I haven't so far reviewed any of the blushes. well, I haven't reviewed a lot of things in that case. Still, with time I hope this blog becomes useful to my followers as most of your blogs help me a lot. Today I want to talk about two blushes I'm loving these days. Rather I'm so hooked on them that I've already repurchased them over and over again. And that is yes, the low budget Maybelline powder blushes. I like the Pinched Pink and Berry Sorbet the most. The Pinched Pink will flatter both dark and light complexions alike. Last time I wanted to repurchase the Pinched Pink but the SA by mistake gave me the Berry Sorbet. Lazy me , did not go back and I so liked the shade that I have already hit the pan.
L: Apricot Flush 45, R: Berry sorbet 60
 Price: 209 INR
Quantity:4 grams
Shelf-life:Not mentioned
Composition: There is a long list. I'll put up later. But it contains talc
What the company claims: Oil free;won't clog pores;dermatologist tested
#stay-true cheek color that doesn't change or fade
#silky smooth texture blends easily and wears easily.

My likes:Berry Sorbet
# It is a beautiful soft color. just the right shade. A swipe and it gives a very natural light healthy look to my complexion.
# just 'the shade' for me. I can wear it regularly anywhere.
# contains fine shimmer that is not OTT.
# quite blend-able and build-able. You can have a stronger look if you want or just go light.
# it stays on my cheeks for quite a long time (the whole day even) provided I don't rub my face with my handkerchief or a piece of tissue.
My dislikes:

I feel a little awkward when the sheer shows up in tiny glitters under strong light. It ok with me but on formal occasions where there is a strong light I find it a little out of the place. Nothing too bad though.

My take on  Apricot flush:
# my take on this as per the quality is the same as berry sorbet. but color wise it is a bit too dark for me. I use it more like a bronzer and use it very sparingly otherwise I look like I'm sun burnt.

# The color is deeply pigmented and is easy to go over the top. It is comparatively more pigmented that the Berry Sorbet.. But used sparingly it will work. It will give a light bronze sheen.

Shall I repurchase?
I already did. 


  1. Great review, very detailed. Thanks dear :) Next week going for a Maybelline haul...will definitely check out these two :D

  2. will surely check them out Nivedita..

  3. @ beautydia and Anamika: sure. They are worth checking out.

  4. nice review nivedita..apricot flush is liked by many here..

  5. Ooh, i love apricot flush actually. I am like medium skintone, so it gives a very silky texture to my cheeks

  6. @ Bhumika: no wonder. It's such a beautiful color. Suits almost all skin tones in some way or other.
    @Mehak: Welcome to my blog Mehak.Even I am medium complexioned. But I tend to go very OTT with it. ( my lack of skills). So I use it very sparingly. But it always gives such a glow.

  7. sure. I'll do it soon. :)


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