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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss (cranberry cocktail), DARE TO WEAR RED?

The winters are in full swing and we are all freezing in our own way. I thought I would now take out one of my current favourites and my all time favourites always has to do something with the color red. This time my favourite is Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss in Cranberry Cocktail. In case you want to ry this range of lip glosses or want to play with red ,here's my review.

This is the shade I got and unlike what it looks like here, it is a bright berry-ish red. When I first looked at it it was love at first sight. I know may have inhibitions against red and for them ( I know some personally) it rule is "RED IS SO BRIGHT!! NOT FOR DAT WEAR" but for most of us each kind of red has the time to be worn there are no rules for it if you DARE TO WEAR and pull it off.
here is the swatch of the shade I have

Price: 250 INR
Quantity: about 7.5 ml ( quite a good quantity I think).
Shelf-life: I think around 24 months
Ingrediesnts: Not llisted
What I like:
1) The color. I absolutely so love it. It had finely milled shimmer in it which is not glittery but gives a beautiful finish.
2) the gloss first looks artificial but after sometime it kind of melts and sets down to adjust into a beautiful red not different from that in the bottle yet a slight change in tinge. The color shows up slightly different reds on my and my sister's lips. That way I find it customizing a bit.
3) Smells lovely. Not too strong. I find it pleasant but people with over sensitive olfactory  senses might find it overwhelming. It's a kind of sweet berry like smell.
3) keeps my lips quite moisturized. So, perfect for winter.
4) stays on quite long on my lips and when it goes away it leaves a nice strawberry tint .
5) the quantity is quite good I think. The Watershine range comes at 180 INR for 3 ml. so this is more than double for the price you pay.
6) the applicator is quite handy. The small tip helps you for precise application at the sides which is very important if you are working with bright or red colors.
7) the texture is thick and not watery. So not OTT shiny and not matte. A beautiful viscous non-sticky texture.

What I don't like:
Nothing. I simply love everything about the gloss , the product and the shade. I saw Maybelline has an offer going on  which is buy 2 Lipsticks and get one free. Shop for Rs 350 and get a hair brush free. I think I'll soon go out and get two more of these glosses. I need the pink and coral ones.


  1. I have this in hooked on pink..thats a dark dark pink..i love it too..

  2. lovely...I want to see this shade on your lips Nivedita.

  3. post your lip swatches too :)
    btw thanks for following, follow me here too:
    just made it!

  4. looks delicious :)
    may be i'll buy this one...
    a few functions coming up where it will complement my dress.

  5. @ Bhumika: I also bought it and gifted it to my friend. She loves pinks. i have a mind to get a few other shades as well
    @ Rakshananda and Anshita: yes, I would pretty love to post my complete pic. but for certain reasons I don't want to post my picture on the net. Hope you understand. See even in my display pic I'm wearing red without any other make up although it's not this gloss I'm wearing
    @ Scarlett: I thought you had this one. Which is the red you sometimes wear it to the class?

  6. I have this lip gloss & love it too - such an amazing shade na :)

  7. Tanveer uts too good for words

  8. sayani chatterjee15/4/11 7:37 pm

    I have this shade and also the Hooked on Pink shade....love em!


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