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maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick-My winter favourite lipstick

Now that winter is here, its time we are taking out out favorite lip balms because who likes the cracked lips? I like using lip balms a lot and lipsticks and glosses and what not. These days the lippies I'm wearing again is the Maybelline moisture extreme lipsticks. I know this is now kinda old product. but I can't stop loving them. besides, I'm trying to build up my archive as well. Anyways Here are the colors and the review

price: 225 INR I had bought one of these for Rs 179. I had four of these altogether but had to throw out four.
Quantity: Not mentioned but I guess it would be around 4 ml given the look of the quantity
Shelf-life:  Not mentioned
Ingredients: Not written on it. Don't remember if it was there on the plastic seal.
What I like:
1)  They are very moisturizing.
2) They are not only Moisturizing but very very glossy as well. Its keeps my lips so hydrated. This is the reason why they are my all time winter favourites.  It is in fact so glossy several of my friends said' the gloss you're wearing is very beautiful"
3) there's nothing much to say about this because it speaks for itself.
4)They can be layered to some extent.

What I hate:
1) yes in bold: They have no definite shelf-life. out of my  four lippies I had to throw out two beacuse there was terrible fungal growth on them. I had bought them only a few months before that. I did not take it back to the shop because I did not get it from where I usually buy my stuff from. And you know how the SAs are. I hope someday Maybelline comes across this blog and does something to rectify this issue.
2) this is not a lipstick for you if you have the habit of pressing your lips together. Eating, drinking or any such things takes off the product from your lips. but it stays on my lips for good few hours because I usually don't do any of these apart from talking a lot. :P

Shall I repurchase? yes, I would but not too many at a time. I would finish up these two. only after that would I go for new ones.

Now the swatches of the favourites
L: Spicy Carmin R Honey Ginger
  Note, the whitish cast is Not fungus. But out of paranoia I out a little anti-fungal powder arounf the sides with the hope of prevention of fungus.
the respective swatches

 This nude doesn't make me ghostly or doesn't wash me out. And the red had is actually mild berry-ish. It has noticeable pink undetones or berry undertones which I love. I can wear the red as it is or use a light swipe and top if off with  a gloss or a balm for a mild tint only.


  1. Hey lovely shades Nivedita!! The red is great. I also have metallic mauve and one more shade of this range...they are really good!!
    Nice blog....I'm following you:))

  2. Thanks Rakshananda. I'm also following you. You blog is very helpful

  3. nice 1..i have 3 of these..

  4. Yes. I saw the other day. but mind you finish up quickly . Throwing away what you bought with the hard earned money causes so much ofheart-burn. :(

  5. Hey.. like u already know that I have started experimenting with lipsticks now :) Are these moisture extreme ones available in shades of pink as well?

  6. Loads of pinks are available in this line

  7. hi am in wheatish color, round & bubly face and my lips are brown and Pink & full lips not thin lips . i tried may lipsticks but nothing Suites me . please suggest me which shade looks good for mee

  8. Suhashini I am wheatish complexion too. If your taste in make up matches mine I would suggest you a few shades I'm also including several colored glosses
    From Pinks
    1) maybelline Watershine Rose jam 10
    2) Maybelline Colosensational gloss berry sorbet, Hooked on Pink
    3)Lakme Lip laquer in shade 26
    From reds if you feel comfortable in
    1) Maybelline Color sensational gloss in cranberry cocktail
    2) Maybelline watershine pure shade no. R 21
    from berries
    1) Avon Simply pretty lipstick in Cranberry

    From Corals
    1) Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Chestnut B41
    2) Avon ultra color rich lipstick in wine berry

    for very light nudish colors
    1) Honey ginger (swatched above)

    But a caution: I understand all Indian women have an obsession for browns. But if you are wheatish complexion I would warn you to steer clear of them as they would make your face dull and darker whereas these color ranges would definitely brighten up your face. I would prefer you try the Maybelline glosses as your full lips would look all the more attractive.
    Hope this helps. Let me know what you did. xoxo

    You may want lip liner
    the inexpensive ones are
    1) streetwear Pink line ( a bright pink liner)
    You can also go for Maybelline depending on yoru budget. I suggested amostly drugstore inexpensive or direct selling inexpensive ones.


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