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Rimmel Moisture Cream Lipstick

So, this is another review on lipstick. I'd soon show you guys my HG red lipstick. For the time being  please bear with me. Today's pick is my Rimmel Moisture Cream lipstick. As you know Rimmel is not available here. I saw my friend's mum got her Rimmels from New Market here in Kolkata. I haven't located the shop yet. You know, a lot of stores at New Market import their goodies. So, it is possible that I could find Rimmel. These two were also gifted to me by my sister And I like both very much.
 Now, one is a nude and the other a deep purple more on the reddish side.
The shades are Paradise 313(nude) and Boost 070 (Boost)

  Closer look

 At first I was quite apprehensive of wearing the purple as I'm not too fond of the color and put it aside for quite a long time until one day I wore it with right clothes and my friends simply kept asking me what brand it was. Ever since is has been one of my best friends. The nude one was actually my sisters but I loved it so much she gave it to me . (Greedy me!)
here are the swatches:
A single swipe of each

Price:  Clueless. But since, this is not a high end brands won't bee pricey like Mac like that.
Weight  : 4 grams
Composition: No idea. But it smells of Boroline which has boron in its composition. Boron is healing and has antiseptic properties. 
My take:
# both of the lip-sticks are deeply pigmented.
#very creamy and doesn't dry up keeping my lips soft.
#If you are not looking for shiny shades nor the matte this is the lipstick for you. Its a balance of both.
# I like the packaging. The deeper color comes in a deeper packaging and the lighter in ligher colored packaging. There is a ring through the centre which is the color of the lipstick. This way it is so easy to locate the colors even when I'm in hurry.

# A beautiful nude color with brownish undertones.
# Perfect wear for summer. paired with dark eyes it looks very sophisticated.
# Can be worn anywhere with that no make up look.
here is a swatch with my other nude lipstick from Maybelline moisture extreme.
L: Maybelline Moisture Extreme Honey Ginger R: Rimmel paradise
see the Maybelline is darker. This one is more close to my skin-tone. As such the Maybelline one is quite pale on me. This one is more close to my natural skin color.

# Its so vibrant. Just like the colors I like.
# Good for Party wear or casual wear if you are into bright colors.
# I like to wear it in summer all the more paired with my light colored cotton clothing.

# Too nude. has the tendency to wash me out. So, normally I top it with a pink gloss.
# Can't be worn everywhere or at hour.
# If your clothing doesn't match it would become the biggest Faux Pass, But then ,we always match our lippies with our clothes. Why do we posses so many lipsticks if we have to wear the same shade with every clothing?


  1. looks very pigmented but i have no idea where i can get them(

  2. Might be available in shops which import their products. Here in Kolkata New market which is one of the oldest markets in the city might have it. because I know somebody who got her Rimmel stuff from there.

  3. its nice. but makes me washed out at times. :( It'll be great on fair skin though

  4. I am loving both the shades! I heart Rimmel lippies! xoxo

  5. Thanks Sonali. I love your eye make ups

  6. hey..cn u tel me whc shop in new market...me wants to buy:)


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