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Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body lotion

This is my current favourite body lotion

Price: 425 INR the price has been hiked as my shop keeper told me
Quantity: 725 ml
Ingredients: Take a look

What the company claims:

What I like:
1) It deliciously smells of chocolate and vanilla mixed together and the smell lingers on. I literally get the cravings for chocolate the moment I put it on.
2) It is very moisturizing as lives up to the company's claims to be a deep moisturizer. My body skin is too dry and nothing rescues me completely. This does a better job than most of the lotions and my skin remains hydrated for quite  a few hours.
3) Goes over smoothly
4) Non-sticky and gets absorbed withing a minute or two.
5) quite a good quantity
6) comes with a pump so no messing up things

What I don't like:
1) you have to completely press the pump and holding it in that position turn it to lock it. So, if you don't know which one is your last pumping out, you might have to waste or take out more than you need to I.e. in short the pump is not like the Himalaya one that you can just twist and lock. This is very inconvenient for you. There's no half pump because in order to loack it back you have to press down the pump completely.
2)The regular lotions come 400 ml for about 120 bucks. So, the quantity is less that way.
 otherwise I LOVE this huge bottle of body lotion and I Do recommend it.


  1. thats nice..I like the 24 hour normal 1 too..n healthy white too..

  2. hmm..sounds good Nivedita...nice review..I use the normal Vaseline body lotion..but I'll definitely try this one too.

  3. i am a big fan of cocoa body lotion.. i will surely try this:)

  4. @ Bhumika: price-wise I would rather go for the normal ones as they also do the job decently.
    @ Rakshananda and anamika: Do let me know of your take on this when you get one


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