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Avon Naturals Lipbalm

I have been away for a while and I've been very busy last week. For last two days I have been at the sunderbans. It was an amazing trip . It was the first time I saw the mangrove forests and animals in the wild. I would tell you the experience some other time. I would also show you the pictures.  Beacasue of all these I could not bring back the swatches I had promised you I would. I would definitely try to go to the shop this week and get back with certain new things. Here is a review of my winter must which is the Avon naturals Lipbalm. These balms used to come in little cute containers which used to hold 6 grams of the product.Later they put these in chapstick form with 4 grams of the product and  a little hiked price. In the container form they used to come in mouthwatering variants and apart from strawberry my hot favourite was the orange one which smelled deliciously of oranges. I totally miss that it is not available in the chapsticks. Anyway I forged friendship with this product for around five or six years ever since a classmate of mine became an Avin representative. presently I have only the strawberry and the aloe lipbalm with me. Now the review
My Avon Lipbalms. 

The Strawberry Lip balm

The Aloe Vera Lipbalm

Price: 79 INR but almost all the year round they have offer of buy 1 get 1. so comes down to 40 Rupees per tube.
Quantity: 4 grams ( the regular quantity)
Ingredients: not listed but they claim to have real fruits of the variants.
What I like:
1) The strawberry one is quite moisturizing.
2) comes in twist up containers so very hygienic.  You don't have to dip you dirty fingers in the tub to take it out and helping the germs to proliferate.
3) the strawberry one leaves a light tint on the lips. So, if you are not in a mood for lipsticks yet want natural strawberry  and smooth lips, this is your thing.

Wondering why I am not talking about the aloe one? wait. Yo will learn about it as well.

4) both the variants, left on the lips overnight helps gently taking of flakes of chapped skin and leaves them beautifully exfoliated.
5) I love the sweet smell of the starwberry one and it tastes yummy. So you may even want to wear it on your date. :P ;)
6) Since the offer is always there year round you always get it a lower price and then, its a good thing for the price we pay.
The swatches

What I dislike:
1) it does not moisturise instantly. You have to wait for a few minutes to get it soaked on the skin.
2) the smell might be too strong for sensitive nosed ones. For my part I am ok.

3) I completely hate the aloe one. I actually had given it to my sister without knowing it smelled so bad. She was so furious and gave it back to me an then I realized how bad the smell was. It is a kind of nauseatingly herbal smell. We have lots of aloe vera plants at home and trust me they don't smell like this at all.. I have out it aside to use it under my lipsticks even then the smell is so bad. Every time I put it on my lips it feels like all the scent has gone into my mouth and I just hate, hate and hate it. I haven't used the other variants as I like the tint of the strawberry one. So, can you tell me which variants you have used and how you liked them? I hear the peach one is good .

Shall I repurchase? I already did. but not the Aloe vera one. I will stay clear of that one.
Do I recommend? I do. But stay away from the aloe vera


  1. i also have the strawberry one n kinda like its tint. Vanity No Apologies

  2. Sounds like a nice one...haven't used it coz I like Lotus lipbalms.

  3. I understand when you say you hate the Aloevera balm! me too hate it! But my Aloevera balm didn't have a hole , how it appears in the above pic!

  4. Anshita: we all kind of neutrally like it. Isn't it so?
    @ Rakshananda: I keep using all the lip products under the sun. You can give this one a try too.
    @ Anon: I don't know if you are from this country. The lip-balms in India have a kind of little stick like projection from the base through the middle which keeps the product stick in place like the spine in human body ie so that it doesnt slip out. It is long till the tip. so the tip initially has no hole but with use the hole appears. If I twist it back you would be able to see that mid-riff.

  5. i love the strawberry one!

  6. I used 3 variants of this one-strawberry,cherry and the almond one. The first two leave a pink tint which is really good...I love their smell-the strawberry and cherry ones have a sweet fruity fragrance which I really liked and the almond one smells like caramel,I liked that(am not sure if others would love the feeling of candy on their lips) but it gives no color. And the taste of the strawberry one,I simply love it,I need to remind myself not to lick it all the time :P
    Wonderful reviews :)

  7. Hi there!

    I also looove the strawberry version which I bought on my trip to India last year. I simply love the colourful red sheer it leaves on my lips without making them sticky. The thing is that I have been browsing the internet the last couple of months looking for this wonderful balm but I am unable to find it! The official Avon online shops for Europe and USA do not have this one in their catalogue and the resellers I found on the web (Ebay) do not deliver outside India :-(. I am now turning to online forums to see if any one can help me get my hands on my absolute favorite balm. I tried others (Nivea, Labello etc) but they do not do it for me. I do not want any other! I live in the Netherlands and am more than prepared to pay for the international shipping costs! Grateful for all your help and suggestions ;-D!!


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