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Elle 18 collection and quick review

Well, Elle 18 has been around for quite sometime. For most, Elle 18 products are hits and misses. For my pat they are mostly hits. A few months back elle 18 revamped their products and came up with new products as well like their eye-sparklers, kajal, lip glosses and so on. I was curious about this new packages and products so tried to get one from each of the product lines. And I'm simply loving them all. Not that they are too great but they have lived up to the expectations of my investments. Here is my collection and a quick review
L to R: eye-sparklers, Kajal, lipstick,lip-gloss,Liner,nail paint

Eye-sparklers: These are basically shader pencils, very creamy in texture like that of NYX Jumbo pencils. worn as a shadow they crease a lot , can be worn as a liner. Some of them sting when applied on the lower lash line or the water line. There are five shade- blue, green, silver,gun metal grey and purple. I think they are owrth the money. Color pay off is okayish. they remind me of the eye sparkz pencils that lakme had once launched years ago. These are prices at 85 INR. For more detailed review click here

Kajal: A very very dark kajal in the form of a cone and in a lipstick tube twist up container. Smdges less than regular Kajal. very easy to carry around. Does not sting the eyes. priced at 65 INR. click here

Lipstick: Oild wine in new bottle. The color pay off is ok and depends upon the shade. There is a good selection. Stays put for quite some time. Doen't dry out. The shimmery ines are less moisturising than the creamy ones. priced at 100 INR.

Lip gloss. they call it lip -smoothie: Its a regular lip -gloss. Not very shiny. Non-sticky, Nothing too great . Plumps up my lips and keeps them conditioned for quite a long time. Pigmentation is very low. Not disappointing for 85 bucks.

Eye-liner ( Black out) : Only the black is available. Doesn't have a good brush. very dark and water resistant but not water-proof. That is withstood running water but while rubbed under running water washed off without a trace. Doesn't leave any stain. might sting while used in the water line. Yet a good bargain for 65 INR.

Nail pops ( paints): A large selection available in this cute bottle. Looks and feels good. Doesn't have a good brush which is more like a broom than a brush.  The product goes on smoothly and dries fast and chips very little. Glossy finish and very good color pay off. I love the nail paints and have repurchased several other bottles. let me know if you want the swatches. Prices at 45 rupees they are a great value for the money spent. I'm loving this product.

let me know if you have used these and what was your experience like


  1. Hey
    Happy new year, I’ve been silently reading your blog for a while now, and as part of my 2011 resolutions i decided to blog and actually comment on the blogs I follow...So im dropping by to say Hi...its too bad that we dnt get these brands here, they look interesting.
    ♥ Abi

  2. u hav tried everythg nivedita !!

  3. @ Abi. Happy New Year to you too. Thanks a lot because you cared to put your comment. Well, as for the brands aren't you spoilt for choice in Australia? I hear there are soo many pocket friendly brands .
    @ Bhumika: Hhihihi. The way I got them Elle 18 ought to make me their brand ambassador. :P

  4. well its not really pocket friendly , like i can buy mac make up in usa or london for the same price as buying revlon or l'oreal here so its quite expensive, and being a student doesnt help as well :(

  5. OMG! I thought make up stuff came cheap in Australia. Isn't it in the US that make up comes cheapest? i have compared the prices of L'oreal and MAC. There seems a huge difference in price. i thought Australia also fell that category. What are the good brands in Australia Abi? I mean both the drugstore ones and the high end ones


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