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Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream

My skin is super oily in summer, but it gets freaky in winter when its super dry and no amount of moisturizers makes do. Last year, in order to combat dryness I had to put on lots of Pond's cream. but while my skin remained still dry, it broke out badly and it took me almost six months to recover. This year, I have found Himalaya to be one of my best friends. So, I decided to be brave again and give their skin cream a try. There was actually an offer going on at the time. So much the better. let me share with you my own review of it.
Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream
Price and quantity: Rs 235 for 250 ml ( That's a huge quantity which comes in a huge tub)
Shelf-life: 3 years

Ingredients and direction for use:

what the company claims:
Now, what I like:
1) Comes cheap for the huge quantity.
2) Did not cause break outs.
3) Non-sticky.
4) Non-oily. So I think it should suit all skin types.
5) Gets quickly absorbed into the skin.
6) Provides good make up base.
7) With a few days use my skin looks healthy. Don't know if it's the effect of this cream.
8) Smells good but not overwhelmingly strong.
9) Doesnt make my face shiny.
10) Blends well.

What I don't like:
1) it doesn't sink into the skin immediately. After application, you might feel like it has formed a coating over your skin. But after a while that feeling subsides and my skin feels spft. The cream skins in.
2) While it is good for a bit cold weather, it couldn't do its job effectively when it was very cold and windy. I found my best friend in another cream which is Nivea classic. I'm using that one. But today, with the winter retreating, I realized that Nivea is getting heavy for my oily skin again and now on, I'll be using Himalaya Cream again until its summer. So, I don't think the dry skinned people would find it very effective.
3) Since, its non-oily and not too soft, you can't use it as a make-up remover, unlike Jergens Cream.

A Pointer
 Comes in a tub. But I wouldn't prefer this in a tube because it would be a pain to take out such a thick
textured cream. So, can not decide if its a pro or a con. But I think its wise of the brand to have put it in a tub.
Over all I like the cream and would definitely recommend this to you.

Shall I repurchase? Its a huge tub and I haven't managed to finish even 1/8th of it. But when it does , I would surely repurchase.

Did you use this product? What was your experience like?


  1. Sounds great! Will surely check it out:)

  2. never knew about dis one..would check out

  3. that looks great. would love to check it out!

  4. lovely! will check it out! :)

  5. I never heard about this brand. Sounds effective! I'll check this product out.

  6. @ Rakshananda,Anshita and Anju: Its worth giving it a try and its easily available too.
    @ Olivia: The Himalaya site says that its available in the US, Would you, for the benefit of other friends over here, let me know if this is available in the US?
    @ gingersnap: Oh. Please do let me know if this is available over there too. It will help others as well you see.

  7. Have been using since dec'10. It is similar to Ayur's Nourishing cream. Not able to judge how much and when should these nourishing creams be used.!

  8. Swati, if your skin is dry in winter, you can use it then. What I do is, I just dor my face with the cream and start massaging. I take a little amount and start dotting and massaging and I keep adding to it, if I need more. That way, I dont put on too much of it. othrwise, for oilies like me, they might clog the pores and aggravate acne condition


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