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Lakme 9 to 5 Colorfix lip duo

I went to the store today to find out if the stocks have hit the stored yet. To my dismay it has not *sigh* and all my running around from University all the way down to Ballygunj and Gariahat was in vain and I ended up walking almost 5 Kms. What a waste! but since this offer is going on I thought its high time I review one of the products on the offer in case you need. And I will review the 9 to 5 Lip fix lip Duo.

Mind I did NOT get this on offer. My dad bought me this about two years back on my birthday ( of course I had asked for it :P) and it mostly sits snugly at one corner because I had hardly used it. here is my review of it
I have the shade called 'Summer'. Theres no shade number. I think the shades go by their names. There was another earthy reddish color that had caught my eye. I changed my mind at the last moment and Took this one in stead of that and I regret it till today. The summer is a bright coral pink and is perfectly suitable for summers.

Price:It was priced somewhere around Rupees 650
Quantity: That is not mentioner. but by comparing it with other lipglosses I think it should be around 2.5 ml on each side.
what I like:
1) I like the shade. It instantly brightens up my complexion.
2) it is true to its claims when it comes to transfer resistant. once dry it does not transfer anywhere at all.
3) the quantity is ok. I don't want my lipsticks to be of a huge quantity. Else it takes a long time to finish up. As such I never manage to finish up my lippies in any case. So not an issue I would be bugged about.

what I dislike:
1) The price. Too high. You wiuld get much better products mfrom Max factor and Maybelline at a much lower price and a wider selection of range.
2)it dries up to form a kind of layer. like an artificial layer stuck upon your lips. The wand is not very good and takes up much product than i need and it is difficult to blend the liquidy thing at the lip lines and it gives it a one dimensional look
3)it makes my lips tad dry. once it dries up and topped off with gloss it looks good  for the time being. But within an hour of application the gloss vanishes. the color starts cracking up on the lips and then starts flaking off which I utterly detest. I would have been still ok with dry lips but I'm absolutely not ok with faked off lip colors. My lips are my best feature and I would rather adorn this with cheap but better products.

Shall I repurchase? I think by now you have guessed it. No. I don't recommend it either


  1. then why did you run 5kms, all the way to gariahat to buy this one on an offer? :P

  2. Actually I like going to Gariahat. I just like to watch people and the stalls and everything. :p Actually its very commutable from my place and there is nothing but books in College Street. :P

  3. moreover I had to walk down all the way to Camac Street to go to the library. :(

  4. and oh,I owe you some info right. that common link I was talking about. does champa ring a bell?

  5. hihihihhi. He is our own dear champa. Please don't show him my link. He'll kill me. Is he your friend? Haven't heard from him for some time

  6. you walked from gariahat to camac street! thats a lot of walk! BCL right. 3 years of college down that road and I was always too lazy to go to BCL. because of the walk. was fined every single time.

  7. are you kidding me? I would never do that. this beauty-bloggin community is like my guilty pleasure. i don't even tell my boyfriend.

    Champa is, umm was actually my batch mate in SXC. that way I think you and i have many common friends but I think I came to know about you from champa only. not in touch with him for a very long time.

  8. hahahah. No i walked from central to the unversity again back from university to central and then from rabindra sadan to bcl and then by bus to gariahat more from there to ballygunj and back to triangular park. :))
    Is Doel your real name? how do you know Champa?

  9. sorry for spamming your comment box. kinda forgot the whole point of the post.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. No problem . Then you must be knowing Gaiti too ( I mean Avishek)? he is one of my best friends

  12. hey. this just got real. no, doel is my nickname. i'm mailing you right now.

  13. I think I know too many people from your batch.

  14. hhahaha. Yes. You better do that. because we better not talk about these here

  15. dats wat i heard sum1 say....dat it doesnt come off d lips..n she had to peel off the skin to remove this..too bad..i wud like to et lip artist..evn dats on offer.bt i only want terracotta..
    n here u can check d brush on anju's blog

  16. Thanks a ton Bhumika. I love your blog

  17. i totally agree.. its a waste of money... i still regret buying it... forget 9 to 5,, it doesn't even last 9 to 11.


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