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Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey and Avocado

This range is has been launched quite some time ago. And i had bought this at that time. But somehow or other I forgot all about it. Suddenly it caught my eye once again . Honestly I'm not a big fan of this one though I liked it. My mum is absolutely loving this and she took it away for herself since I'm not using this one anymore. here goes the review
price: 130 INR for 200 ml
What the company claims?

What I like:

1) I quite like the texture. It is smooth and hydrating. It is more moisturizing than the peach and plum one and hence perfect for winters.

2) It smells good. I like the smell which really reminds me of fruits. That was one of the reasons why I bought it.
3) although it looks peachy, it is not a tinted moisturizer. So can be worn even at night if you are dry skinned.

What I dislike?

1) It looks peachy but I would have loved it more had it been tinted moisturizer.
2) the tube opening is at the bottom. Although the lid is good there is a chance if you store it the way it should be stored, it might spill out. a lot of wastage that way.
3) price: although it is not an issue with most of you I think Lakme is hiking their price too much for the quantity of products they give. Come on, this is a regular drugstore brand. So why hike like this
4) It claims to have SPF but theres no mention of how much SPF. So I think it might be just a gimmick that way.
5) the last and the best reason to hate this is, I put it on, was delighted with the texture and on the next day 'POP" a pimple put out its head. I'm in no way going near it anymore.

This is a perfect product for medium dry skinnies, but a strict no no for the poilies or acne pronies like me.
I know many of you have used this ine. Please take some time to drop in your opinion as well


  1. i haven't used this moisturizer Nivid but read so much, you have written very honest review..i'm using my Fabindia moisturizer these days and i'm very happy with my skin so maybe i can try it in summers.

  2. The neutrogena (my spelling may be wrong) works well for me in winters. mY skin is way too acne prone for any thing else !

  3. @ Rakshananda: I am yet to try out the fabindia products. sme how or other whenever I go over there I change my mind and end up buying the kurtis instead. After I finish these I would give the Vit E one you reviewed a try. Thanks for the suggestion. If fabindia suits you so well why would you want to switch the basic skincare?

    @ Shiny: My sister has been using neutrogena. I tried it from her bottle but it made my skin very greasy. Its something that nobody ever compained of before. I dont know why it acted that way. :(

  4. i use it for the body..y did u use it on ur face ?
    i thnk its more of an body lotion..

  5. I was told it was an upgraded version of Lakme winter care. Which never suited me as well unlike the peach milk one which used to be my HG. :( but my mum is liking it. :P


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