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Lakme Insta liner

This liner has been around for quite some time. Perhaps this is one of the oldest products from Lakme which has gone through so many packages, formulations and so on. This is also one of the products with which I have always had a love-hate relationship like most of my Indian friends . but for a last few years I have in 'love' with this liner and its my everyday use one. Many did not like this, but some how I never had such kind of issues , not with the last bottle I had got. ( Is it a new formula then?) I can't say. but this really seems different from the previous bottles I had used However, let me get down to the main part

Price: I don't exactly remember, but somewhere around 85 INR as far back as my memory goes.
Quantity: 8ml
Shelf-life: 24 months ( But I have been using the liner for around 3 years with no problem at all although I won't recommend the same to you)
Composition: Not listed>
What the company says?  From the company website)
What is it
Lightweight and comfortable eye make-up for perfect definition
How it works
  • Water-resistant formula ensures no smudging or smearing.
  • Deep intense color that does not fade.
What I like?

1) I quite like the brush. Since I have been using this product since I was 14( Now I am 23), I am so used to this length of brush that I feel most comfortable with this one only. My sister also feels the same. I think the handle is neither too long nor stubby and gives me the precise control. The bristle is neither too stiff nor too soft. So, very effective.
2) this fades very little on my oily eye lids. I wear it through out the day and still it stays put. I also use it on my lash line. I never out liquid liners on my waterline. But while putting on my lash line I had accidentally put it into my eyes more than once, but never had burning sensation or any other reaction. All kind of kajals smudge badly on my eyes, so, I put kajals and then top them off with this liner. This way, I can avoid the too sharp lines yet, have the soft look. I never manage to put liners on my lower lids at one go as I would a kajal.
3) It is quite dark and matte. I love the intensity.
4) On several occasions, i had spalshed my face with water. I had still stayed pout without melting significantly. But, If you wet your face and rub it, it will smudge. So, its water resistant but not waterproof.
5) Comes cheap and good quantity.

What I dislike?
1) I think there is some kind of inconsistency with the brush. While mine  is perfect as I feel my sister complains of her brush. In deed when I tried to use hers on one occasion,  I found it too soft and flip flops while I tried it . So, check your bottle before you get yours.
I would have loved it more had it been waterproof and not only water resistant.
shall I repurchase? I already did. It takes a long long time to finish up the bottle. Even then, I would
Do I recommend? Yes. I do
A Pointer:
I told you I have been using these bottles for more than a year two. Usually liners should be disposed within a year because it might contaminate. I did not have any such problems may be because I always wash and moisturize my face before putting on anything at all, even a liner or a lipstick or a compact. Since I have adopted this hygienic method., may be that is the reason why my product lasted so long.

I know many of you had a tryst with this product. let me know about it


  1. Ah A good old product indeed !! Have been using it since ages. Since I don't put on liner regularly, my bottle lasts for quite a long period of time and so far I have had no problems at all ! In fact I have had troubles with AVON liner brushes but never with this one :)

  2. I totally agree with you on the hygiene thing. Especially considering it's the companies wanting to sell you something that are telling you the expiry date ahah!!
    As long as your hygienic with all your products they last as long as they still look good. :)

    This is a lovely post, the eyeliner looks great. I'm hopeless at applying liquid though. I'm definitely a felt liner kinda girl!!
    Lovely Post

    Rainbows and Buttons

  3. @ Shiny: Yeah. I even get nostalgic at the thought what if it goes missing? :P
    @ Lucy: Since we use make up and stuff on our face we can't really afford to compromise on hygiene.
    I'm not a felt tip liner girl at all. I am so used to liquid liners now, I find felt tips difficult to work with. :)

  4. I liked yur hygiene idea and 14 years :O:O

    a true makeupholic u r girl:)

  5. owned my first lipstick at 4. :P

  6. hey, thanks for being my first follower. :):):)

  7. hey i have this one too..like it

  8. Great review! Will give it a try:)after my Revlon liner.

  9. @ Bhumika: Do you like it?
    Bulbul: My pleasure dear.
    @ Anshita: I really couldn't stop liking it even with the vast amount of negative reviews.
    @ Rakshananda: THanks dear. You wont feel your money wasted.

  10. Nice review! I always used to buy the Lakme Eyeliners when I was in India! xoxo

  11. can someone tell me the exact price of this eyeliner in india please!! :)

  12. This is one product I've had a love-hate relationship too...since, I started off using eye liner with this one, I am very comfortable using this brush, and used it continually for many many years, but the last bottle I got about 4/5 months back was a bad one..I think Lakme has changed its consistency or something...it stung like hell, even on the upper lash line, and i dare not put it on my lower lash line..I'm more in love with felt tip liners,gel liners and eye pencils mainly because of the feel and consistency of products...but in any case,I know I will always have this liner in my make up drawer whether I use it or not....


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