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Lakme Invisible foundation swatches

You asked me for the swatches of Lakme Invisible foundation. I got it. Here its is. This is especially for Rakshananda who had asked for it. My HG shade is 02. actually 6 shades have been launched but sadly only 4 are available and I have swatched all the four. Here it is
for the review if you had missed it read here

The courtesy goes to the SAs of the store, for last 8 years, from which I have been getting my stuff. I wanted toput  in their pics as well. I know you won't be interested but its a little courtesy to them although my favourite SA is not there


  1. This is so sweet of u nivedita:)

  2. ohh thank you soooo much friend...love you.

  3. @ Anamika and Rakshananda: I love you too :hugs:
    this store is very very nice. Once I had bought Lotus concealers which had given me allergic reactions. They right away got a letter written down by me and took it back without a single fuss. Can you imagine that? The product was worth only 250 but at that time i was almost a kid and they understood how much even that amount means to me.

  4. hey even i needed the swatches. thank you :)
    Vanity No Apologies

  5. Looks like gouri bhandar of shyambazaar.Is it?

  6. dats so sweet...dos SA's sure r friendly n nice..

  7. Nivedita.Nice blog.What's the name of the store?Please tell.

  8. You are welcome
    Minnie thats not from shaymbazar. I'm from south Calcutta

    Yeah bhumika. thats the only store which is not pushy towards me
    rs: Its KK and sons. Near the entrance of SHatadeep market at Gariahat

  9. :D :D :D OMG...I love the store snap...:D It's really cute..


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