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L'Oreal Endless Kissable Shinewear

Today I want to talk to you about a wonderful product gifted to me by one of my wonderful friends. She and I have been very thick during our college days, we fought but even at the end of the day we remain best friends forever. Now, you might say its not right to review products which have been gifted. But I would contradict you because this friend of mine was one of my most supportive friends in tmy new passion of make up blogging. She gifted this to me because she knew to quote her I would 'truly appreciate' it. Indeed, it is the best stay on lipstick I ever had come across. Ok, let me review it. I don't know the price and neither do I want to know. I love the color .

The box contains two things a lipcolor and a lip gloss which act like a balm.
The lipstick quantity id 2 grams and the gloss is 13 ml which is quite a good quantity. In case you are worried if reapplication of the gloss would finish it earlier, no it wont because thats quite a good amount.
What the company claims: Endless Kissable shinewear ( the name is self explanatory) , the glossiest, zero transfer lip duo.

How to use: 1) Apply satin lipcolor to clean lips and let it set 1-2 minutes before rubbing lips together
                   2) Apply an even layer of specially formulated top coat for brilliant moisturizing shine.
3) Remove lipcolor with an oil-based make-up remover.

Composition: It's there on the box but the letters are too small for my eyes. Still if you want let me know I'll get a macro shot and put it up for you.
My shade is called
Its a plummy rather winey color and it gives a very very enhanced look to my lips. My lips change color but mostly it is clse to this color. It gives a barely there look to my lips yet, enhances them and makes my entire face very attractive. Like a no make up make up yet, perfect kind of look. My friend is brilliant ainher choices  and exactly knew what would suit me best which many can't.
The products:
L: Gloss R: Lipcolor

My take:
! ) It is a super super lovely shade as you already know.
2) It is the only stay on lip color I have come across that really STAYS put and yet, doesn't dry up my lips. I don't even reapply the gloss, yet it stays on even after heavy meals and drinking and stuff.
3) Its a good quantity and would last me for ages.
4) It goes over beautifully. It is a bit sheer but not too sheer. It dispenses just the amount.
The Swatch

I like everything about this lip color and I'm in love with it. I don't always use it and use it on ocassions because I don't want it to be used yo too quickly.

# While putting on long-stay lipipies don't  put on the gloss or any lip balm before putting on the lip color. the color holds on to the lips and stays on.


  1. i love the color!!! i think i might get this myself! relentless raisins 745!

  2. @ Samyukta and Mehak: Its a spot on!!
    @ BHumika: I was on the look out if there is any shade closer to this color from the Maybelline line.
    @ Hannah: Let me know if you do. It would look very beautiful on you :)

  3. other day i was thinking of picking it up and some how didn't ..will pick it up nw:)

  4. @ Anshita: :) its almost MLBB to me.
    @ Anamika: I would definitely encourage you to do that

  5. this looks pretty. amazing shade

  6. We got a lot of Nivea skincare products here in Norway. They have a lot of stuff :)
    The makeup wipes are really good :)

  7. @ indianmakeupways: Thank you. :) :)
    @ Christine: Nivea sells quite a number of products . But most of them promise to make you 'fair'. Thats very ridiculous. :D

  8. Thank you <3
    I really like how much lenght the maybelline mascara gives my lashes :)

  9. Thank you so much sweetie <3

    Xoxo Christine


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